IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 1



This is the moodboard for movie trailer which currently includes sadistically comedic images from the cartoons Family Guy and Happy Tree Friends, plus a comic panel in which a man is seen phoning someone while a turkey sits on the baby chair. (The text under it says: Everything is fine, I have put the turkey into oven and I have fed my baby) There are also some pictures of the hotel-library setting that will be the setting to our animated trailer.

Faza has also drew out character concept sketches in cute, cartoonist style for the animation. I will be doing a digital rendition of them later on, and we will proceed on making a draft of the animation once all characters have been drawn out.


Movie trailer moodboard: Dark – Comedy (a mix of sadistic humor and dark setting at the end of the trailer)

Keyword “Shock” moodboard

Keyword “Dark” moodboard (done by Gia)

Keyword “Strange” moodboard (done by Faza)

Trailer_MoodboardShock_MoodboardDark Moodboard Gia

Strange moodboard

Moodboard for novel cover

Novel cover sketch

Book cover sketch that we will bring into realisation (cover background will be bubblegum pink, not black)

Images collected so far: (is currently being selected by Faza on which pictures will be placed in the moodboard, since she is the main contributor to the cover’s idea.)


Moodboard for novel cover

Novel Cover_Moodboard

Digitalising Faza’s character concept sketch

screenshot agn



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