DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Photo Montage /Term 3, Week 2

Today we learned some ways to manipulate image – by merging images that don’t belong together – on top of changing their color.


To have a believable image, it is important to choose your images well by selecting those with similar lighting. Of course this is so that the whole photo montage experience would be less challenging because editing lighting is difficult.

An Indonesian fellow named Agan Harahap is infamous for his meticulous edit works, all which narrate interesting and amusing stories. Unless you squint really hard, or you’ve worked with photoshop long enough to heighten your sense of insecurity and general lost of faith in humanity, these pictures look believably realistic.

I think his edit works show the importance of how pictures should be narrating a story, and especially when manipulating image because you can create the story however you want based on your editing (and perhaps the limitation of the materials you’re provided with in correspondence to how crazy your mind is).

As for today’s in class exercise, we created an advertisement-worthy poster by using several different images.

These are the three images we worked with. Firstly, we worked on the black and white alcohol bottle and changed the color of it.

coloring botol merge
Color the bottle with brush, lower the opacity & flow of the brush. We used red for the color, and gold for highlight.
coloring botol
Change blending option to overlay (Or anything you’d like – I experimented with Difference as well and it gave me a cool, purple bottle with electic blue highlight.
coloring botol duplicate wow
Duplicate the overlay layer so the color looks more popping and stronger.
coloring botol vodka splesh
Place the other picture in your colored bottle picture. Set the layer’s blending adjustment to Screen (I used Exclusion for this). Use Vector Masking (right beside Layer Adjustment option) to mask areas of the image that you don’t want to see in the image.
coloring botol ad montage dun
(((Several effects and splashes later)))

Composition is very important in this, and when you need a dramatic looking poster without the actual budget or photography expertise to do it, this is the best way to do it.


In class Asssignment: CD sleeve design

Within 120 minutes, we have to design a CD sleeve and cover for pop rock grunge band Channel Hopper‘s new album, Sunspot Cycle. The target audience of the album are teenagers- young adult. Design should contain one vector artwork, one image with its background removed and max of 4 images.


This was what I come up with in the stressful 120 minutes that we have to finish our work. I picked the picture of the young girl purely out of instinct, and that the album is to be marketed to younger audiences so I thought this would be fitting. As for the vector artwork, I created a small “sunspot” vector – mostly inspired by Panic!’s new touring shirt featuring their song Golden Days (link will be inserted) but obviously this didn’t work out well as it clashes horribly with the whole thing (every elements here seem to crash with each other anyways). The background that I removed was the city’s image which I placed on the back cover together with the rough texture. I made the color scheme so because I wanted to get that faded, earthy feel (butek?) to get the “grunge” feel – at least, how I pictured grunge to be like in my head.


I’m glad my mental imagery doesn’t look so far off with what grunge actually is. Need to do a lot more research on styles in different eras. 

Obviously I went home dissatisfied and decided to cut my sleep short and re-did the CD sleeve design, maintaining the girl on the composition but replacing almost everything else.




I decided to change the front cover and placed the girl at the back cover instead. I used an image of a tree with sun shining through it on top of the texture (which I also changed). I think the front cover looks more appropriate for “Sunspot Cycle” now, although I’m still having a lot of doubts on the typeface. I like how the texture is going on a kind of the same direction with the car’s dusty windshield. The color scheme for this is cooler compared to the first one with the texture to represent the grunge theme, and elements on this one don’t clash as horribly as the first design (the texture, the city, the vector). I’ll probably tweak some stuffs again before printing the mock-up.



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