IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 2


Me and Gia have renewed the trailer artboard – major change being the sheep man was showed early in the trailer as he offers the boy a doughnut. Faza also pitched in a ‘cocaine’ plot twist idea and we found a way to include that in the trailer.

As for the book cover, I’ve been thinking about making it manually first by cutting out images from magazine (or getting texture from cloth, as Faza suggested), but considering the time and that most of our time will be invested on making the animation, I think executing it wholly digital is a lot faster and more efficient. We will be discussing about this.

Faza wants to put conjuring soundtrack / sound effects as the trailer reveals the dark twist to the cheerful and happy animation. The Conjuring Title Music  The title might also appear in the same way / effect Conjuring’s title does. Conjuring sound effects

(I feel like we’ll have goosebumps the whole time we edit the music into the animation. Listening to the sounds as I type right now. Weeps.)


-After QC from Ms. Claudia, we found out the places where we can do letterpress printing on fabric.

-We decided to collage the front cover manually, then scan them before printing them on fabric.

-Currently choosing donut images for the cover.

-Hopefully cover collage will be done by next week.


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