IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 3

Knowing the size of paperback & hardcover books


This week we will be starting on our novel cover and there has been a lot of confusion on whether to have the final output done manually (literally cut and paste on a fabric-covered hardcover book), manual aided with digital means (cut and paste some of the elements of the book cover, and then scan it, edit some parts and print it on a fabric) or entirely digital (montage and fabric texture added with Photoshop, and then printed on eggshell / textured paper). For the sake of time-saving and considering other assignments that we do need to work on this week and during the holiday, doing the cover by Photoshop (later layouted on InDesign) is by far the easiest solution and allows many variations on the cover design to be done.

Current image stock for the bookcover

(Missing elements: typeface for title, moon, and perhaps mini floating heads of the book’s characters)


Current progress so far:

Photoshop edit
Layouting on InDesign

Right now I feel like there are too much details going on the front cover (background texture is heavy, donut is glazed and has its own texture, moon is also so detailed) and the elements sort of clash badly. (And the back cover looks too minimalist for the front cover.)

Typeface used for the title- Faza found a suitable typeface off the internet (which eliminates the need to create a brand new type by our own)

28/06/2016 (night, updated 29/06/2016 morning)

QC with Ms. Claudia on the current cover progress


The feedback we received is that the texture is too heavy (would be better with just solid color), title arrangement could be more playful (looks too aligned & stiff right now). Ms Claduia picked the 2nd typeface (out of the four options, can be seen in picture above) for author name.

We were given some references to make the title look more playful.



Book cover variations (following up the QC)

Removed the heavy texture and placed solid color instead (for front cover). Color looks off & cover looks too plain now.
Brought back the texture but a more suttle one, and changed the circle on back cover to black. Circle doesn’t work out well.
Colored circle back to white, and added an accent on 1/4 upper part of the circle. Accent are supposed to be books aligned together loosely on a shelf, with one book which color is different from the rest & is kind of tilted.
Removed the accent on the circle, added a cotton candy texture on the bottom part of the back cover instead to compliment the cloudy font that we used for the title.

Below are some references and inspiration that I looked up on novel cover with dark humor genre.


Book cover layout sort of finalized – will test print tomorrow.

Character design for sheepman & shapeshifter / beautiful lady done by Faza

Trailer progress:

-One scene completed (Boy eating donut) (Scene before: Sheepman hands over donut, Boy takes the donut. Scene after: Jail bars with boy’s hand)

-Gia is working on the backgrounds / scenery art.

Images stock for background reference


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