ANIMATION TECHNIQUES / Buttons + Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 3

This week on animation class we learned about button type of symbol. We also learned how to insert script, as well as animating the button and giving it functions. While not very extensive, here are some screenshots that I took during the class.

Create a shape with your shape tool. As usual, click right on the shape and select “Convert to Symbol”. Choose the “Button” type and rename it to bt_(number) so that it doesn’t confuse you in the process.
On your timeline, you’ll see “up over down hit”. These determine the button’s response to the cursor. Up means how the button is normally displayed, Over when a cursor hovers above it, Down when it is clicked. Hit is the area that would respond to the cursor click. If you change the Up and Over state into different colors, you can bring the button to the scene, create the .swf file and see how it response to the cursor.


(Left: Over, Right: Up)

Other than changing color you can also change the size, shape, or even add extra animation by converting the button to grahic symbol and animating it in a movie clip.

Adding a chat bubble animation on the Over state of the button.


Placing script so that the buttons have function & clicking it will show you with a new page/scene/animation sequence. (Go to Code Snippets to load the pre-installed scripts)
For this, we use the “Click to go to frame and play” script. (After adding a layer of labelled frames)




Assignment 2

Create an official movie website (animation sequence at the beginning, with 4 buttons which leads to the following pages: Synopsis, Cast & Crew, Download, Contact)


I decided that I’d be making a movie website for Fate/Zero Movie (it is originally a two season anime series) – I’d be making up the sequel movie for the anime series because I’m totally obsessed with the story as well as the animation & visuals throughout the whole series.

Image collected for animating it so far:

I want to have all 5 pages (home page & 4 other pages) begin with a short animation sequence (animation on homepage will be the longest). I’ll try to do this with the jpeg images, not vectors because I want them to look realistic, but if it doesn’t turn out well then I’ll be doing the vector artworks to be animated.


Homepage animation sequence (draft)

-Sword disappearing w/ yellow lights sequence needs to be improved (somehow)

-Text transition to orange sky needs to be smoother

Synopsis page
Synopsis page (Moving / zoomed in white lights)


-Title of m0vie added to homepage

-Synopsis button added

-When clicked, it leads to the Synopsis page (Synopsis text not placedΒ yet)


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