IMAGE MANIPULATION / Exercise Progress / Lebaran Break


It’s a bit late, but after a week of no inspiration on what to video for the cinemagraph exercise, I finally took 3 videos – each with different characteristics from each other.

One video is taken from inside the car very early in the morning, videoing the car moving past by and the lights changing. View here! and here


Another is a shot of a foot (courtesy of Felicia’s nice sneaker which color compliments the surrounding nicely) tapping on a window glass – totally random. View here!

Last one features aesthetics which look very “kekinian” (current),  and the moving part will be the lights reflected of the tea. View here!

I initially really wanted to take a video which has a story in the movements in the .gif (original idea was phone light going on in a dark room, revealing a face of someone holding and scrolling down the phone, and then the light goes off again — happens in loop) but the more I ponder about it the more I realise (and fear) that I won’t be getting anything done if I just kept thinking about it, without the actual resource to make the video happen. So I decided to stop being too wishy washy about it and just recorded little things throughout the day.

I’ll be working on the gifs tomorrow, and hopefully get more interesting shots to work on till the end of the week.



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