VISCOM IN GD / Poster Layouting / Term 3, Week 4

In this week’s class exercise, we were required to make & layout 3 posters of different topics revolving around science and social issues. The 3 topics I chose are health, abuse (domestic violence & abuse) and human rights (gender equality).

Articles on the topics:

(DISCLAIMER none of these articles belong to me, they’re references)

Google adds new emoji in an effort to support gender equality‘I was his human punchbag’_

Domestic abuse victim speaks out about her lonely fight for protection – Get West London

Social Smokers Face Real Risks, Too _ TIME

Effects of Domestic Violence _ Joyful Heart Foundation

Five strategies for creating gender equality in the media _ Media Network _ The Guardian


Sketches on the poster layout

For the poster regarding gender equality, I started off wanting to convey the message through emojis, with a “Don’t Judge” tagline. Another idea is to do wordplay on “babysitting”, breaking down the ‘baby’ and ‘sitting’ and represent it literally. The message is that anyone can do babysitting (baby sitting), not just female. These two come across too weak as PSA poster, and the do-not-judge poster would not be well received because of the word do-not (limitation prompts people to do breach it).

Viewing the issue from other light, I’m thinking of how the poster would bring insight on homosexuality to people who see it. The sentence “If only it was as easy as emoji” came to me while I was thinking about it and even though I think it could be a fairly good point, I have yet to come with idea for the visualisation of it.


With domestic abuse, I want to aim the poster to the abusers rather than the victim which has proven itself to be difficult because of how it would be received by them. Through the poster I wanted to send a message to the abusers that the violence they bring should have been returned to themselves (your punch is supposed to be your pain, not others because it isn’t their fault). But of course there would be no point in creating a poster which message would just be tossed aside. Abusers often blame other people for their own feelings, mistake and short-comings and manipulate their victim into believing that things are somehow their fault, that they deserve the beating / verbal abuse (humiliation, degradation) that they’re getting. Having a poster that have all fingers pointed at them would just not be well received by them.

In response to this, I want to think of how to make a poster that will shed light to the abusers that what they do is not going to do good to anyone, not even to themselves (“Their pain will not/cannot make you better”). This would be hard considering the nature of abusers, but it would be interesting to attempt on.

“Smoke-kissed brain” is the phrase I came up with after reading the article which explains how smoking could cause brain bleeding, even to social/passive smokers. I automatically connect the smoke to the blood – a person blowing out red smoke. To tie it to the brain visually, I thought of giving the red smoke a brain texture to it. Out of all the sketches on the 3 topics, I like this one the most and I think it is the most effective in communicating the idea that smoking is harmful, not only to the lungs but also to the brain. Anyhow, everyone would be freaked by the idea of their brain bleeding so it wasn’t very hard to come up with a dawning visualisation of it.

I’ll be revising the 2 latter ideas before drawing the poster out on the A2 papers.







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