IMAGE MANIPULATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 5

Revised moodboard


I’ve added several different poses to the character, as well as some accessories that doesn’t distract too much. After taking shots of the place that I want them to be, I can finally decide on the lighting. So far, I’ve only drafted the desktop background and one of the postcard image (site: UIC).

draft dekstop bg
This beach image was taken in Bali – I plan to have some of my characters running on top of  the umbrellas, so I’ll have to tweak on the compositions a bit so it doesn’t look too crowded.
draft postcard
I chose to work on this picture because the lighting is interesting and I can play a lot on the shadowing of my characters.


Back of the postcards (variations)

QC 29/07/2016


I was suggested to crop the image (for the 1st postcard) to tone down the things that needed to be focused on. The idea of “meh” peering from the edge of the paper is Sir Em’s idea- “meh” will be featured in each and every one of the postcard, lurking around with a judging and suspicious face.

(Before & After editing)

For this one, I was told to improve the lighting, blur some areas (like playing with the focal length) and make the back part darker, so the focus on the character is strong.

I haven’t decided on the last postcard, a location in my house. Right now it’s cluttered everywhere, maybe I can have my characters clean up the mess on my table instead of me – I’ve got assignments to do. (Cheers)

postkarte 1 2

Postcard 1 & 2



During the weekend I’ve been working on the 3rd postcard image, as well as troubling myself with the desktop background. I’ve created several variations (including the draft I created in class) but nothing seems quite right.


I like how this one is very HQ and the lighting & shadows are very smooth (I used gradient – soft light) but I feel like there isn’t a story to it and the background is too crowded. So I decided to scrap this and start a new edit.


The story on this one is that con (red head) is trapped inside the laptop screen (which shows The Sims 4), while sans walks out freely on the real world. Feedbacks I received on this are that sans’ angle is off – the perspective needs to be fixed, and the laptop screen is too noisy. I agree with how noisy the background looks (I first thought that it’d look fine if I blur it out but noooo) so I decided to yet again start on another edit due to the increasing dissatisfaction on this one.


This image has a similar plot to the previous one – con is trapped inside the wine bottle while meh watches judgingly, and sans observes from afar.

(Pending feedback on this one)

I like this one the most because it tells a story, but at the same time the environment feels so fake (the picture was taken for photography class on depth of field experiment). This feels the most agreeable though, out of all the variations I did.


I printed out a mini character guidebook (just for fun!)




I also test printed the postcard images. One image looks way too dark so I’ll have that fixed.



The colored background (back of the postcard) encountered some problems while printing – the colors are too bright and the output has these lines on it. The printshop had tried to fix it to no avail – thankfully there three pieces that don’t look so horrible.


(They tried to reprint it using a different printer, but there are still lines)


(Best two prints!)


2/08/2016 (Week 6)



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