IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 9

I’ve been working on the city signage and I was told to adjust the shape of the signage a bit. The signage with solid-filled direction mark is the clearest among the rest (just outlines.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.47.57 PM

-Fixed the shape, QC: maybe shape can be more oval if the signage board is single

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.17.38 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.19.10 AM

-Quick mockup

-more variations on shape

Haven’t sketched out the merch yet but I’ve tried some quick digital drafts of a pin (or sticker). I consider doing a cap, sticker and pin.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.57.29 PM


-City signage update


-Merchandise 1: Calendar


-Merchandise 2: Stickers or Pin series

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.11.57 AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.15.18 AM

-Merchandise 3: mini notes

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.28.09 AM


VISCOM IN GD / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 8


Throughout Week 7 – Week 8 I’ve been doing some more sketches and doing a draft digitalised version on Illustrator. During QC, it was remarked that the poster has obviously too much text going on – Infographics usually only have up to three lines per info.

QC Followup:



I’m thinking of making the poster interactive, so I might make the human figure openable on its caution marks, and it reveals something grotesque or mean inside.

I’ll also try to incorporate more statistics into the infographic, currently searching for reputable resources.


TYPOGRAPHY SKILLS / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 8

(More sketches in visual diary)

This week we had a critique session in class- we passed around our sketches that we’ve done and ask them to pick the ones that they think works the best.

I played a lot with positive-negative space as well as perspective because to me happiness is multi layered and quite complex. Sure, things that make you happy can be simple, but I find the reason to the happiness is quite inexplicable by words.

So far, my sketches have been received as quite too overwhelming to portray “security”. It was also suggested to change the word security into being secure, at ease, so that it doesn’t give the impression of “security guard”. Out of all the sketches, these are the 2 that were picked out by the lecturer for me to develop again, with the suggested idea of making an infinity sign, symbolising an indefinite happiness.



I thought of it and decided on a broken infinity symbol- made of S with a diagonal line drawn across it- because ultimately life isn’t about infinite happiness, there’s no such thing – it’s more on the way people view life, and their way in handling problems that arises that can make them happy or not.





Another idea that arose was to have a dice with the writing “be secure” engraved on its sides, with a trail of imprint (like ink stamped) that says “Happiness”. Stamp / imprint can be associated to certainty and being secure emotionally (from the inside) means being self-certain, so. This is an attempt in simplifying the look of the poster, so that it doesn’t look too complicated.





These sketches focus more on contrasting the fluctuating movement of happiness and stability of being secure.



These ones simply represent an infinite sign- I don’t dislike them but they feel too simple? (in full-on experimental mode here)



This one focuses on the form of the S – some the particles are curved inwards to make it feel protective while some curves outwards and going out of the space to represent the emotions of being happy. So the “secure” isn’t confining nor overprotective, it’s just comfortable and happy.



Did some sketches digitally on Photoshop.



I started out with writing the(my) whole definition of happiness “happiness is being secure inside out” and then I decided it looks too diverse and I have to simplify it. I decided to take the words “happiness inside out” only, while still pretty much maintaining the same concept of being happy is to feel secure enough to be who you are (from the inside) and show it to the world. It involves self expression, discovering self identity and being self certain, which I think are important issues to young adults who generally start overthinking about who they are and what they want to do in life. The placement of the words “happiness” and “inside out” makes it look like an opening to something else.


These digital sketches are so different than what I sketched out on paper, with the exception of the imagery of an opening (to give the inside and outside dimension on the poster). I definitely toned down a lot of the complexity in the look of the poster as well as the message that I’m trying to send behind the “security” and “inside out” concept. I was afraid that simplicity would be boring and not experimental enough but at the end of the day I think no matter it looks simple or complicated, the important part is to get the message across to the audience. If complex doesn’t work, then maybe simple does. I’ll be fixing the handwritings so they’ll look neater and re-adjust the colour.


-tidy up the handwriting

-make the writing “inside” looks prettier



I decided to keep the peach pink backdrop because I want to represent it as the outer exterior people often paint themselves- as a nice, polite person and nothing else, because that’s what the world expects of them. To be truly happy, sometimes you have to rip that off and show the world who you are.

The color gradient (blue-yellow) and the movement (down to up) suggests that it may not always start off all bright and sunshine, but when time allows (and it will), you’ll eventually find happiness in your life.


-Backdrop looks too plain, maybe add some decorations? (I’ll find a reason to!!)

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 8

-Update on postcard series

-Changed image for “City by the Sea” because last one looks too crowded

-Changed image for “Wildlife by the Sea” due to resolution problem

Other variations of the postcard



-Update on Poster series

-Changed image (wasn’t attractive enough to promote a city)

-Variations on poster

brochure fixing

-Fixed the box so it looks less awkward

DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Parody Poster / Term 3, Week 8

WTF Happened to Movie Poster? <— hilarious video on how movie poster degrade in quality and creativity

These are some parody movie posters which I find hilarious. I think the reason they’re hilarious because viewers can relate to the joke almost immediately. The visual cues are clear, straight to the point. I like the Insurgent parody poster a lot, because the poster is almost exactly the same (save for the addition of clothes and detergent bottles) but the joke works well. I think the “Ex-Men” poster would’ve been better if the people featured are the actual casts (or maybe they are, but they’ve gone unrecognisable?????). Some of the execution aren’t so great but the humour overrode it, such as that Lord of the Bling poster- the dollar necklace obviously look out of place but Gollum’s face and the relevance to the story makes it hilarious anyway. “Reception” is nicely executed, it doesn’t look much photoshopped, but the visual hints are rather small, although it is helped with the copy line down below that explains the parody. Liberal Farts is hilarious to imagine – farts with such force that light/smoke/fume can be seen and it sends the papers flying? Surreal.

I’m currently thinking of parodying either The Hobbit(Hobbo/Hobby?) : Battle of Five Armies(Armpits) or The Jungle(Jomblo) Book.

Ok, I know that they’re holding their swords, but it almost looks like they want to show off some non existent armpit hair (which will be existent, if I were to parody this).


As for The JOMBLO Book, I’m thinking of replacing the background with barren forest (because jomblo -> gersang) and make it look like as if the boy (and animals?) are staring into the distance at some ladies (or something). Second idea is to leave the background be, but rather than having the animals posing idly, they’ll be doing their mating stuffs (yes, lol) while the boy (whose face should be replaced by myself I suppose???) looks into the distance (or cover his eyes- I can add a lower arm extension the already stretched out right arm). This idea came upon me almost instantly, not quite sure what inspired it either but the joke seems fitting.

No moodboard yet, but here’s a lovely picture of two bears.


We also learned one last technique (no this is not some pre-fighting-villain-final-training episodes in anime) on Photoshop this week, which is Vanishing Point (even the name sounds like some ninjutsu :’) ). It eases manipulation images with perspective and although it’s an old and rarely used function, it’s useful nonetheless.

I haven’t done this exercise yet because somehow my Photoshop doesn’t have the plug-in, but I’ll do it and post the screenshots here ASAP.

Brainstorming while sketching (as usual)



(Ridiculous fact: I actually posted this on instagram and one of my friend directy asked “Is this supposed to be Jungle Book?”. I guess this pose is very iconic, or does my friend have crazily acute observation skill???)

IDEAS GENERATION/ Assignment Progress / Term 3, Term Break

-Brochure mockup (layout test)


Brochure cover variation


Brochure front-back


Different typeface & background







-Postcard design variations


-Brochure cover variation

QC 18/08/2016



Alignment fixing



-Postcard series (added board texture to them)

-Still going to change the image for the 2nd poster because it doesn’t look very much like a city. (Searching for good high-res images)

QC Followup – 20/08/2016

-Added short description of the city on the poster

-made more space for the back of the postcard

-tried using pattern as postcard border

DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Assignment Progress (QC Followup) / Term Break

Hi Sandra,
All of these ideas look promising, now let’s have a look on things that can be improve:
  • For the baby-liquor poster, you might want to ‘merge’ the usual sanitizer bottle with the visual traits of a famous liquor. Then, visualise the bottle within a situation where parents with toodler might use it. For the copy (text) in this poster – if you plan to use that – make sure you put where the information came from (on the footnote), as well as add ‘Do you know’ as the headline of the copy.
  • It is interesting that with the Oreo ones, you got almost everthing except THE image itself – manipulated accordingly of course 🙂 The composition is fine, just questioning the black background.
— Emanuel P.—
-Added hand sanitizer pump on the liquor bottle
-Added a headline
-Added the product & information source down below
-Made a new draft (as a series composition to the “You cannot be too sure of what you’re eating” idea)
Image used

-Morphed the oreo with dirty tissue, played with the background.

Image used


I changed the approach of the tagline to -hopefully- make the message clearer, because a lot of unhygienic things are not realised / recognised as one. Ironically, kitchen sponge has 200,000 times more bacteria than toilet seat (I knew it!! I’ve always doubted them) and using it only transfers bacteria from one place to another (weeell, bye bye clean dishes). I morphed the bun with two kitchen sponges- hopefully that is clear enough.

Still wondering about the composition.


(QC followup)


-deleted the woman on the background

-changed the tagline & added the new tagline as a copy instead

-will be printing this soon, hopefully the resolution is alright (God help)

31/08/2016 (EVALUATION)

(image will be inserted later, screw wordpress’ server)

-Size of the burger should be bigger; it doesn’t look proportional to the size of the hand.

-Some lighting & shadow adjustment needed

TYPOGRAPHY SKILLS / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 7

Analysis on chosen inspirations from Meggs (Type and non-type related)


I’ve decided that “Security” will be the main theme of my happiness project, and I think that it is an especially important issue for people aged 17-21 (as well as young adults).

Speaking from experience:

A lot of times, people start to lose their sense of ideals and belief, due to it being crushed by the weight of reality and world’s expectation. For example, you’d be saying “The world is a happy place if you accept yourself as who you are, as well as accepting others!”. As you age and experience more things, you’ll start to doubt, “How can I accept myself if I don’t know who I am?” “Others do not accept me for who I am, why accept them for who they are?”. This is a point where insecurity arises, and as a result – unhappiness. People begin to touch up their look, because they start to care about how people judge them. They start to care about what everybody say about them, loses their confidence along the way.

I think this is especially true for people as they begin to step into the 17-year-old zone, because it is the beginning point where people start to think very seriously about life, what they want to do, who they are. This concerns finding self-identity, discovering things about themselves, and when they don’t (which is often the case) they get incredibly insecure, or take the wrong approach in “inventing” an image for themselves. I think this is because people these age are too busy taking care of school work and campus assignments, they don’t have much chance to do self-exploration and seeing the world in a different perspective. Not even many adults have discovered it, and very rarely that they have a sense of self-certainty about who they are and what they really want in life. This emotional insecurity causes dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and sometimes even depression (to those more melancholic folks). This is why I think having emotional security is very important in attaining happiness. Being secure about yourself is the best way to be happy in life. Knowing who you are, your limitations and how to overcome them and develop yourself from that point.

It’s not that being secure means there aren’t any problems – life is filled with problems, and no one can change that. People have to change for them. When you’re secure, you’ll deal with these problems with the right attitude – finding appropriate ways to solve them, the way you know how to.

These emotional security needs to be supported by external factors that makes people feel secure as well – friends, partner, caring family, or things as simple as bringing powerbank when you’re planning to stay out of house for the whole day.

The definition to my happiness, when summed in a few words, would be “happiness is security inside out”. Emotional security, and the external factors that support them.

Read of the week & Muse:

Nevereverland – Nano

Importance of Feeling Secure