IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 6

Over the weekend, I’ve been working on the concept sketches and developed some that are my personal choices. Most of the thumbnail sketches are geometrical abstraction, and mutations / evolution / combinations of each other.

Concept sketches – 80 in total

Developed logo sketches from 3 of my personal favorites concept sketches


Out of all the sketches, these are the 3 that Ms Claudia liked the most. Idea 78 (the one which looks like Suzuki’s “S”) is developed from the geometrically segmented B & P in a slanted perspective (laid down on a surface). She had suggested to change the order of the shapes so that it looks more like a B rather than S. Idea 61 is taken from the stem of B & P, placed upwards & downwards respectively, and separated by a wave in the middle. (Wave signifies the sea and “P” stem is not aligned with “B”‘s because it is ‘broken’ by the illusion of water reflection). The third option is actually a developed sketch (from last week’s geometric break down of city shapes) – I gave them cuts so that the alphabets would be more visible.

Ms Uma’s feedback was to not develop the 1st and 3rd option at the same time because they’re too similar (geometric shapes which makes alphabets that directly represent the city)- to get more diverse outcomes and eventual choices for the logo, it’d be better to develop something different, such as the 2nd option which has a different concept & connotation to the shape.

 Developed the ideas further in class

Experiment on digitalising the sketches 

I’m not sure whether I’ve explained the color philosophy yet on the previous blog post, but basically I picked the colors blue and yellow to symbolise the sea & oil that they’re abundant in, as well as to promote a “stable and pleasant, joyful living”, a city with integrity that you can trust in. Stability and integrity is represented by the color blue (sea), and pleasantness & joy (as well as energy, since Balikpapan folks are very industrious and hardworking by nature) by yellow (oil).

Update on the collage / Typeface


I selected one another sketch to be developed in Illustrator. Somehow manipulating & making different variations of the shape is much easier when they’re vector already, compared to sketching it out. However, doodling & sketching by hand enables more exploration and disfigurement of the forms.

I’ve also made several type combinations for my logos.

I selected an array of sans serif fonts because I want the logo to look sophisticated but at the same time not too posh, upscale, unfriendly / uninviting like how serif fonts often suggests.

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