VISCOM IN GD/ Cranes / Term 3, Week 5

This week we were required to study the ahapes of 2 different cranes, deconstructed them and create something new out of it. We were paired for this exercise and we had to combine our ideas and style into the final output which would be an A3 poster.

Sketches and doodles

We spent quite a lot of time thinking of word puns, and correlating crane to crane bird (hence the bird-like shapes).

For the final composition however I decided to scrap all those ideas and create something different. The idea of making accessory came across because of how some parts look like it could be a necklace.
I decided to use details of the crane to create an earring and make a poster out of it.


The tagline really came up after I drew the vector. I was thinking of words that sound similar to Crane that would make sense with what the poster turned out to be (an experimental jewelry poster? Hahaha). “Crank up your style with CRANE.” is the tagline I came up with, since crank it up means to play/tune it up, while CRANE would be the accessories’ brand name. The shape came about pretty spontaneously as well, but it looks like the person is craning his/her head up which sort of solidify the concept. Gia did the color variations and typesetting; together, we decide which would be best to print out.


Color variations done by Gia









Final 3 pick (of the colors) and printout results


We did another 2 posters, and this time it is pure abstraction of deconstructing the shapes of the two crane images that we were provided with.

While doing this I didn’t pay any attention to the aesthetics or composition, I just drew automatically – I’d draw and deconstruct whichever shape that I found interesting at the moment. We keep rotating the page so we’d be drawing on different sides rather than cluttering one dominant area.



Both Gia and I liked the one on top right the most, because of how the shape sort of shrinks down to the bottom of the page. We originally finished the doodle at a landscape orientation (as seen from the colored, A4 paper version), but it looked way better portrait. The feedback we received was that the scale of each objects/shapes in the composition seem to be the same, and in order to create focal point we need to exaggerate more on different sizes. The way the composition shrinks down looks nice, but right now there isn’t a coherent flow to it.


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