DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 7

This week was a QC week on our ideas for the surreal composition (in which I chose surreal advertisement).

Out of the few ideas that I presented, the baby-drinking-liquor-shots one was the most entertaining. (Apparently the technique of those kind of posters – revealing bad side of another product to persuade people go through the other alternative- Β is called testimonial). I was suggested to add a sanitizer-parodied liquor bottle, using iconic liquor bottle which is easily noticeable.


This is a draft that I made in class, which I’m not too happy about.


I decided to revise it and use another picture. I think this one creates a bigger impact because the tone is slightly darker and the fact that there is an adult figure in it, not trying to do anything about the baby drinking liquor makes it a lot more surreal. (Hopefully dads won’t take it too badly on what seems to be a portrayal of neglectful fathers) I haven’t add the logo yet.

The “superbug” idea could be fun as well, the “superbug” being a vectorised character placed in real life images (this relates to the previous character design assignment).

As for the food-morphing-into-unhygienic-object idea, I was suggested to go through it from a different angle; not the one eating the food, but the person preparing the food.



I’d most likely use either one of these two pictures because they’ve got good focus on the food and very HD. I could perhaps morph the green leaves into crumpled, dirty money (because US dollars – green).

The other idea of food-turning-into-something-else-when-it’s-about-to-be-bitten idea seems far fetched now because of the difficulty to find high-res image without watermarks. I found a lot of hilarious images while searching for it, though.

I thought the Trump picture would work very well- I can replace the magnum ice cream with a chicken drumstick and morph it with something. I’ll try to find a higher quality picture of it. (The Obama pictures are also hilarious)

So I decided – what if – just to feature the hand and food, without the face.


If this looks blurry, I have the excuse that the fingers are meant to be blurry because it’s focused on the oreo. If currently the oreo is also blurry, I’ll morph it with a higher quality image of unhygienic object. Hopefully this one works. Not so sure yet about the ambiance though – I like the black background contrasting with the hand & oreo but it might look too dark? Let’s give it a shot (non liquor) first.

Speaking of unhygienic objects, I’ve been searching it in Google images to get ideas (the easier keywords “dirty things” gave me an entirely different result, so).

I feel like I might need to do a collage of these.


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