DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Assignment Progress (QC Followup) / Term Break

Hi Sandra,
All of these ideas look promising, now let’s have a look on things that can be improve:
  • For the baby-liquor poster, you might want to ‘merge’ the usual sanitizer bottle with the visual traits of a famous liquor. Then, visualise the bottle within a situation where parents with toodler might use it. For the copy (text) in this poster – if you plan to use that – make sure you put where the information came from (on the footnote), as well as add ‘Do you know’ as the headline of the copy.
  • It is interesting that with the Oreo ones, you got almost everthing except THE image itself – manipulated accordingly of course 🙂 The composition is fine, just questioning the black background.
— Emanuel P.—
-Added hand sanitizer pump on the liquor bottle
-Added a headline
-Added the product & information source down below
-Made a new draft (as a series composition to the “You cannot be too sure of what you’re eating” idea)
Image used

-Morphed the oreo with dirty tissue, played with the background.

Image used


I changed the approach of the tagline to -hopefully- make the message clearer, because a lot of unhygienic things are not realised / recognised as one. Ironically, kitchen sponge has 200,000 times more bacteria than toilet seat (I knew it!! I’ve always doubted them) and using it only transfers bacteria from one place to another (weeell, bye bye clean dishes). I morphed the bun with two kitchen sponges- hopefully that is clear enough.

Still wondering about the composition.


(QC followup)


-deleted the woman on the background

-changed the tagline & added the new tagline as a copy instead

-will be printing this soon, hopefully the resolution is alright (God help)

31/08/2016 (EVALUATION)

(image will be inserted later, screw wordpress’ server)

-Size of the burger should be bigger; it doesn’t look proportional to the size of the hand.

-Some lighting & shadow adjustment needed


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