DIGITAL IMAGE MANIPULATION / Parody Poster / Term 3, Week 8

WTF Happened to Movie Poster? <— hilarious video on how movie poster degrade in quality and creativity

These are some parody movie posters which I find hilarious. I think the reason they’re hilarious because viewers can relate to the joke almost immediately. The visual cues are clear, straight to the point. I like the Insurgent parody poster a lot, because the poster is almost exactly the same (save for the addition of clothes and detergent bottles) but the joke works well. I think the “Ex-Men” poster would’ve been better if the people featured are the actual casts (or maybe they are, but they’ve gone unrecognisable?????). Some of the execution aren’t so great but the humour overrode it, such as that Lord of the Bling poster- the dollar necklace obviously look out of place but Gollum’s face and the relevance to the story makes it hilarious anyway. “Reception” is nicely executed, it doesn’t look much photoshopped, but the visual hints are rather small, although it is helped with the copy line down below that explains the parody. Liberal Farts is hilarious to imagine – farts with such force that light/smoke/fume can be seen and it sends the papers flying? Surreal.

I’m currently thinking of parodying either The Hobbit(Hobbo/Hobby?) : Battle of Five Armies(Armpits) or The Jungle(Jomblo) Book.

Ok, I know that they’re holding their swords, but it almost looks like they want to show off some non existent armpit hair (which will be existent, if I were to parody this).


As for The JOMBLO Book, I’m thinking of replacing the background with barren forest (because jomblo -> gersang) and make it look like as if the boy (and animals?) are staring into the distance at some ladies (or something). Second idea is to leave the background be, but rather than having the animals posing idly, they’ll be doing their mating stuffs (yes, lol) while the boy (whose face should be replaced by myself I suppose???) looks into the distance (or cover his eyes- I can add a lower arm extension the already stretched out right arm). This idea came upon me almost instantly, not quite sure what inspired it either but the joke seems fitting.

No moodboard yet, but here’s a lovely picture of two bears.


We also learned one last technique (no this is not some pre-fighting-villain-final-training episodes in anime) on Photoshop this week, which is Vanishing Point (even the name sounds like some ninjutsu :’) ). It eases manipulation images with perspective and although it’s an old and rarely used function, it’s useful nonetheless.

I haven’t done this exercise yet because somehow my Photoshop doesn’t have the plug-in, but I’ll do it and post the screenshots here ASAP.

Brainstorming while sketching (as usual)



(Ridiculous fact: I actually posted this on instagram and one of my friend directy asked “Is this supposed to be Jungle Book?”. I guess this pose is very iconic, or does my friend have crazily acute observation skill???)


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