TYPOGRAPHY SKILLS / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 9

This week we have a critique session prior to the poster submission week.


This is the poster that I put up for critique session, and while the concept was received well, the type and layout needed improvement. I was suggested to fix the hand lettering and use less colour, showing the concept through the typeface/handwriting rather than colour.

So I’ve dedicated the whole evening (yesterday) to fix it and it was quite frustrating. I ended up thinking of different approaches on the whole “inside out” thing – what if it is not ripped, but peeled?

What if there’s contrast between formal typeface and handlettering? Until finally, what if I mask type within type to get the multi-dimensional look which also applies to the concept?

(Colors adjusted for CMYK color setting)

The writing that covers up most of the page is literally me describing myself, both the good and bad traits. The message that I want to deliver from the poster is something like “Judge me? As long as I have the freedom to express who I am, I’m good mate. I’m happy. People pleaser? Duh yes, but I’m happy pleasing others. Lazybum? Being lazy feels good ok, minus the guilt that comes after it.”

Also might have accidentally created a desktop background while experimenting.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.08.45 AM.png

My idea for the iPhone app is to create something like PerC (personality cafe), a forum where people discuss about their personality/MBTI types and different aspects about it, such as: What jokes do (this MBTI type) find funny? How does a (MBTI type) function under stress? Since this will be an app, it won’t be limited to just a forum, but users will be able to take the personality test upon registration. There’ll be forums where people can communicate with each other, as well as a customisable profile page which isn’t limited to profile picture & biodata, but users can also add albums and playlist there (music selected from a range of global music bank). For example, you can have this playlist called “Songs in the showers” and people can view it, and give their thoughts about it! Or an album filled with random images of doodles or photographs.

Will be working on it, as well as the sticker and tshirt.


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