TYPOGRAPHY SKILLS / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 10

This week is the poster submission week, although we are given the chance (and time!! Although not much of it.) to fix our posters before we move on to working on the sticker, tshirt and App interface design.

I went back to sketching on paper to get more ideas on how I want the poster to look like and I decided on looking bold, weird and “making a statement” sort of feel. I have to change my poster because the last one was straying away from the brief & was way too gimmicky (have to agree with this. What was I thinkiiinggggg).












I decided to focus on the words “Happiness” and “Yourself” at first, but experimented with making the word “Yourself” more experimental. Shortened the line to “Happiness is to be yourself” – although this could be interpreted like “happiness is to be by yourself” instead of “Happiness is being yourself (Your true self, your weird self, channeling it from the inside out)”??  Hopefully the cheerful tone of the poster would deter that perception. This one is inspired by the feedback to make the poster look unique, authentic since it is about being and showing yourself. I use a bold sans serif so it looks friendly but strong, and quirky at some parts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 7.40.04 AM.png

Not sure how to typeset the “happiness is to be” yet. It looks really off.

I want to try on making the “yourself” look really deformed but I don’t want to sacrifice the legibility of it. *more experimentation going on*

Other considerations (and approach) for the poster:


Handlettering – the shape is wavy & going out in a motion that looks like it’s emerging, speaking out. This approach is more on the “inside out” part, showing yourself to the world and be pretty about it. Decided to scrap this because I feel the handlettering isn’t strong enough and it looks too made up/embellished to be genuine.


Tearing off the word facade- too dark and the word “facade” too strong and sets the attention away from the handwritten sentence which is the main point for the poster. Vibe got too dark. Deconstructing the word “facade” here & playing around with pathfinder inspired experimentation for the word “Yourself” as shown above.


Various experimentation

2 compositions which I think look the strongest
Combination of the above two (color scheme & type composition)

I like this color scheme a lot more because it looks more vibrant, youthful and feels a lot happier. It does look a bit like the “yourself” part is screaming at your face, but I was hoping for it to be the main focal point & look like it is speaking out to the world.


Experimented some more on the look of each letter, giving each of them differences although they mostly have the same colours.

now THIS one highlights more on the diversity of each letter… and then you have the “E” which is plain ordinary and nothing has been done to it. But because it is ordinary among some weirdos it becomes something different as well…



After asking for feedbacks and filtering them out, I decided to keep the diverse-looking typefaces and tone down the layout so that it looks more like a statement rather than too overwhelmingly shouting on the audiences’ face. This poster is about boldness, making a statement about your difference and be happy about it. The focus is on the diversity of each letters. Will be tidying the alignment before printing it out.


I’ve been developing the sticker, tshirt and iPhone App UI. For the tshirt and sticker I mostly use the existing graphic elements that I have developed while working with the poster.

My iPhone app is a social media platform called Infinite, where people can interact with each other in forums, private chat as well as home feed (like Twitter). Because my whole concept is about being happy with yourself, self-discovery and acceptance, so I apply it into the application by having a forum where people of same / different personality types can discuss different ideas with each other. There’ll be also optional choice of taking a personality test upon registering with the application (which the user may skip & take at anytime they wish.)

The application also includes customisable profile page, with customisable typeface for their name display. They can choose the typefaces, or even write it on their own (if they have a stylus-equipped phone) so that they can represent their personality and style. Users can also upload photo albums and arrange music playlist within the app and it’s accessible to other users.



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