TYPOGRAPHY SKILLS / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 11

The rambunctious layout was better received, so I decided to go back to it and do something about the “happiness is to be” part of the phrase so that it doesn’t look so detached from the rest of the elements.


These are the three most possible background color for the poster. I personally like the straight-forwardness of the magenta backdrop the most, but dark grey background provides more contrast and adds nuance to the composition better.

Interface design mockup

INFINITE is a social media app where users can interact with each other, share their thoughts and ideas on different topics and subjects. There are forums as well, other than private chat platform & home feed update. Forums cover various topics of conversation, divided but not limited by MBTI personality types. The app also includes a customisable profile page with custom name display – users can choose from the gallery of typeface provided by the app or write their display nameΒ in their own handwriting (stylus phones are very much supported!).

Graphic elements on this app are entirely made out of typefaces.

Tshirt & sticker design development
iPhone app interface presentation



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