VISCOM IN GD / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 12

Following up the comments and critiques from different lecturers (which were about how there are 2 separate sections on the infographic and distracting/obstructing yellow lines), I made some changes to my infographic – mostly on the styling.

I tried exploring different layout but it doesn’t work as well.
Made the box for facts/statistic section and reduced the yellow lines. I also stylised the “identify” to having dashed strokes to match the pointer lines on the infographic. Dashed line also seem appropriate because when you’re identifying something you have to draw the lines through the missing ones.
Moved the human figure a bit to the right to accommodate the “can be any gender” info. (It was too close to the edge)

Made the sub-headline(?) more funny and less self-serious so that it is more attractive and memorable.


Today we had our final critique session at class and several comments bringing back the yellow line with black streak were made, as well as some other comments such as the vectors & pointer lines.

Brought back the lines but with grey streaks & lowered opacity.

Made a hand vector for the human figure so that the left side isn’t so empty. Tidied up the vectors.

Fixed river. (left: fixed, right: before)

Decided to remove the line at the back.



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