ANIMATION TECHNIQUES / Infographic Progress / Week 9 – 13

Week 9

To start this infographic, we have to sketch out a storyboard first so that we may have a clear idea on how the video progresses. My infographic is about how does abuser work, and my approach on this using 2D vector, but the theme & visuals are pretty dark.  I considered using 3D human figure in it (sketched out the storyboard for it as well) but then I scrapped the idea in favor of convenience.








Week 10

This week we were left to our own devices while we worked on making the vectors (and other materials) to our motion graphic.


Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 1.59.22 PM.png

Because I decided on not using voice over for this motion graphics, I’ve been watching a lot of kinetic typography videos for inspirations on how to make the text explanation roll out interestingly.

(Kinetic Typography) Maroon 5- Maps

Kinetic Type AE

I Will Not Let an Exam Result ….

“To This Day”

What Teacher Makes

The Social Network


Build a City motion graphic

Week 11-12

We drafted our motion graphics and have it reviewed on the timing, composition, sequence.

My comments overall was to make the sequences look less like it is waiting for each other, but instead to welcome the different scenes by overlapping some of the animations. Make sure not to let one scene freeze up totally, always keep in mind to have any kind of movement going on, whether it is the subtle panning of the camera or slight zoom in / out. Some vectors look less detailed than it should’ve been and could use more work. Keep objects within the safe area of screen.


Enter a caption


Title sequence


Week 13 (QC Followup)

I fixed some of the vectors, added more motion to the sequences and played with lighting effects (lighting also contributes to the movements).

The background music was tough to mix because I didn’t start animating with a clear idea of how the soundtrack would be like. I did manage to mix 3 tracks together to create one whole background music for this 2 and a half minutes motion graphic.




(Sounds are from the  original soundtrack of Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun- composed by Hitomi Kuroishi)


Today we presented our motion graphics. We were given feedbacks by our peers and had to revise the motion graphics accordingly. My feedbacks were on the transition and how some objects are out of the safe area. The feel & atmosphere was already correct, but I had to revise the sizes, some transitions and the text animation choice (the text scramble effect used “WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SUSCEPTIBLE TO ABUSE” wasn’t appropriate on a long sentence and disrupted the timing for the audiences to read it).



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