EDITORIAL / Magazine – Idea Brainstorm / Term 4, Week 1

Our final assignment is to either create and design our own magazine, or to re-design a magazine. I chose to create a magazine with my own chosen topic because I’d rather work on something that I am interested / passionate about discussing compared to just re-designing layout of an existing magazine.

Off to an early start, we were told to gather ideas for our magazine, what it would be about, who are the target market, etc.


I had three ideas to begin with – a magazine intended for universities students, a lifestyle magazine featuring Instagram pages & users, and finally a tri-monthly magazine about psychology-art. The students magazine will contain helpful tips on fashion, healthy diet, sleeping pattern, de-stressing tips and studying help for university students. The feature magazine for Instagram users is a very broad lifestyle which covers most of the scopes in life- art, food & beverages, fashion, literature; all sourced from the diverse Instagram users and pages.

The psychology-art magazine will be more of a heavy reading material, intended for people (perhaps above the age 18 and more mature audiences) who are interested in reading about psychology, human relation. It will also cover things that influence human psychology / mood – for example, food, music, art. This magazine can be considered a self-help reading, for those who want to know more about themselves and the nature of human being. It will also cover parenting tips from time to time, perhaps indirectly – through articles about troubled youths that can get parents to understand their children better. Lately I feel like when I want to read stuffs about psychology I had to go online and google them (which is admittedly very easy and simple!), while having them on print would be interesting.

Visual / Look & Feel References

I want the magazine’s style to be minimalistic, but with some twists in each spreads – maybe something like the the type being integrated within the image, or vector illustration/graphic elements which add value to photographs (like that “Soul Kitchen” poster). I’m leaning towards using pastel hues to get the soft, friendly, inviting vibe. I’m also interested in trying out a collage style for the cover, because the magazine will be covering topics and discussions about human from several different aspects and perhaps a collage could help translate the richness & diversity of its content.


Layout Inspirations


More Colorful / Playful Inspirations


Currently fleshing out the content of the magazine, and what the cover story could be.

Research on magazine content

Psychology Masterpost-Introverts


Tumblr Tag- MBTI

Child Development

David Norris, The Importance of Art in Life

Art & Society

Staying Friend with Ex?

Creativity x Depression

Emotional Abusers


Good Night’s Sleep

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