PACKAGING / What is it? / Term 4, Week 1

We started the class with an introduction on what packaging design is – beginning with understanding the word package itself, and the nature of it.

A package is something that has been on earth naturally, since the beginning of it. Example of it can be found on fruits – banana, oranges, durian – they have an outer shell that holds the content inside. Packaging, on the other hand, would be the container, package that holds information about the content.

Packaging is an essential factor for any product, as it is the final communication device before purchase. It could either deter or attract people from buying it, relay the message of the product brand. By applying appropriate design, a packaging could target the product’s desired audience.

While designing a package, it is crucial to get the structure of the package right first, before considering any graphic elements. Different items will require different package – you cannot pack a biscuit and a milk in the same way. As society evolved and needs changed, packaging also developed in its technology of preserving the contents. When designing the structure, we have to consider the environment of which the item would be used, the nature of its content, how they’d be stacked (when displayed in store), etc.

Obviously we have to design a package for our final assignment – we have to come up with the brand and product by ourselves, starting with keywords prompt that we needed to choose. Females will have to make products that appeal to men, and vice versa.

I went with the word “bold”, which are tied with the words daring, strong, confident, fearless, forward / no hesitation, courage. It can also have the context “beyond the usual limits of conventional thought on action; imaginative”. Currently I’m thinking about creating a line of shaving cream products, or a mouth spray brand.



The shaving cream product would be marketed as shaving cream that’ll make men feel confident, sexy when and after shaving with it. It will be bold in a sense that it is strong, suave and confident. The target audience would probably be for the 25-35 age group.

The mouth spray product would also advertise bold, daring personality, but to a more youthful group of audience. The idea is for the mouth spray to inspire confidence and boldness in men by having fresh breath – which helps a lot in attracting women. The product will have varying smell with rather tacky names such as “Charmer Casanova”, “Hotshot Billionaire”, “Mr. Just Right”, “Puppy Prince”. The target audience would probably for boys / teenager / young adults (15-25).

The third idea that I finally came up with was to create a brand of healthy drinks intended for male aged 20 above with healthy lifestyle (of exercising, going to gym and shaping abs). I thought that most of healthy juices/drink brands are intended for female consumers, even the design and graphic are quite feminine. This line of healthy drink will have variants of mix juices and protein shakes intended for males, with perhaps more masculine packaging shape (more edged sides, less rounded, etc) and more “manly” colours.



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