IDEAS IN CONTEXT/ Poster-on-Article / Term 4, Week 1-2

Week 1

This week we were introduced to this class- what it will be about, and of course, the timeline to our 2 projects.

In creating an advertisement, we have to understand the audience the advertisement is intended for; their background, demographic, cultural reference. An advertisement is basically a way of persuasion – when advertising products, they’d persuade people to buy it. In PSA (Public Service Announcement/Advertisement), what’s being communicated/persuaded is an idea and awareness on certain topics, for the betterment of life quality. PSAs are non-profit advertising. They’re usually is a campaign and runs for a period of time, which demands consistency of the quality despite the usually limited budget.

Types of Campaign:

  • Commercial Campaign. This type of campaign promotes commodity product and services by informing customers, or promotes individual & groups (political candidates, corporations). Can be found in almost any medium (print, radio broadcast, TV advertisement, online ad) as well as unconventional media and formats.
  • PSA Campaign. This campaign serves the public interest, usually run by non-profit organisations (Unicef, United Colors of Benneton), or government. The objective is to educate people on significant social issues to stimulate positive social changes. In creating a PSA, general knowledge and awareness on what is going around us is important; for one, it allows us to communicate better in a way that is relatable to the general public.
  • Cause Campaign (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility). These campaigns are sponsored by corporates. It raises funds for non-profit organisations and run in paid media. They’re used in part to promote a corporation’s persona.

To kickstart this class, we begin with a light(?) exercise of making a poster out of a headline from newspaper.


Chosen article


I try to approach the topic from different sides – the “unemployed” factor (poor, ‘gabut’, confused) or the “educated” factor (hand holding a CV with a stamp ‘application denied’, or with a ‘poor future’ reflected on the wristwatch.)

Inspired from the poetry meme – how to display both unemployment and despite education in a relatable way? Heavy sarcasm to mock the system of the industry.

Week 2

This week we resumed working on our simple poster based on the newspaper headline.


Idea that came up to me after QC-ing. I was thinking of words that would rhyme with kantong kering and finally decided on “juling” – and it sort of fits the (so not) hyperbole of having worked so hard in school and ended up not getting any job in the end.
Vectorised draft

Feedback on poster:


Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 9.40.52 PM.png
Revised poster
(This website has the commenting-revising-pointing out/marking functions as well as real-time comment/chat? :’D)



We also had to start coming up with idea for our PSA project, which will be about interpreting (current) local social issues in form of a poster. As a start of the brainstorming process, we were asked to think of 10 local issues and write them down on the board.

10 local social issues:

  • Fake vaccine
  • Unemployment
  • Jakarta Red Light District?
  • Tax amnesty anxiety
  • Education- constant change in curicculum
  • Sentence for sexual offender too short
  • Harassment in public transport
  • Increase in tobacco price
  • Prolonged trial (Jessica-Mirna case)
  • Catcalling (from abang” 🙂 )

I see catcalling as one of the most persistent issue in Jakarta (perhaps in other cities of Indonesia as well). Might be doing the poster based on this issue – but first, a research and survey needs to be done.


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