IDEAS IN CONTEXT / Survey / Term 4, Week 2-3

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From the research and survey, I’ve managed to gather some useful datas and more insight on catcalling (and sexual harassment on general).


I have been thinking on how to approach the issue and I’ve decided to take the “degrading” aspect of catcalling/sexual harassment and to show it in the poster as something that opens people’s insight on how society has been treating fellow humans.


The first idea is directed more to the people who does catcalling, with the image of a person walking by and a cat that turns its head to look at the audience of the poster. The slogan is “Too blind to get it right?”, as in, humans aren’t cat, if you gonna ‘catcall’ then you know what will be responding to it.

Second idea is a twist of the first idea, a more humorous approach. The human’s head (with provocative body figure) will be replaced with a cartoonish-looking cat. They say words are powerful; if you gonna ‘catcall’ so much, then perhaps all humans should be cats.

Third approach is more direct and straight forward- displaying a provocative part of human’s body and advertising it on the poster in the style of a fast-food advertisement. The message is to show society that humans, without fully realising it, are being treated like something for sale, something that’s so cheap and convenient. Development of this idea includes a poster-ception (the advertisment-looking poster is ‘stuck’ onto the gritty walls of the city, photographed and presented as another poster), as well as a poster-ception-ception (the advertisment-looking poster on the wall of city streets is compared with the poster/a similar image being displayed in a museum, separating “harassment” and “appreciation”).


Idea 4’s concept is based on “It’s not flattery if you’re …..”, where the posters will display a series of women in different hideous coverings (paper bag over their head- ashamed, masking tape over their mouth with the writings “don’t provoke” – silenced , female wearing karung goni(?) as outfit – scared ). This approach will be a bit more hyperbole & surreal.


Idea 5 features photographs of female with shopping label tag on their neck, saying their “catcall-o-meter”, level of their attractiveness, etc. This emphasises on sexual objectification and how male often give “gradings” to female based on their attractiveness, and how catcalling impacts female’s self-esteem & self-worth. If you’re cat called a lot, that means you’re attractive. If no, then it probably means that you’re ugly.

Current Moodboard (Nov 5)

(Creative brief will be written)

Research / Reading Material:

Catcalling and Rape Culture

Video: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC (108 instances of Catcalling)

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 6.22.28 PM.png


Catcalling – Jessica Valenti

Street Harassment x Psychological

Catcalling / Hate Crime?

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.00.44 PM.png
(“Misogyny hate crime” – what a hateful phrase.)

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