IDEAS IN CONTEXT / Poster Review / Term 4, Week 6

We reviewed our PSA posters in the class this week, by writing down what stands out from the poster, what doesn’t work and how we’d approach the topic should we be working on it.


Mid Term Peer Review Download

My feedback were mostly on how it lacks body copy (too tiny down there I guess) and it needs the body copy for the posters to be understood better. The visuals and concept are well received, subtly controversial (as controversial as a school project and my brain can get, anyways). The typeface also needs improvement, so I’ll be working on that.


Enlarged the body copy and made the “Shame No Body” into organisation logo. Changed the typeface of the headline as well.


Adjusted leading

PACKAGING / Brand Development & Packaging / Term 4, Week 6

This week I was told to refine my logotype, to remove the diagonal lines on the logo and simply incorporate it as graphic elements instead.


L too big, logo a bit too tall. Play w/ the placement of L and the color
Digital mockup of the shaving foam bottle; interesting graphics but the logo brings it down


Sketch on packaging graphics


Packaging that will be used for shaving cream, aftershave and mouth spray



Logo Development


The shape of the L / here is taken from the shape of a light switch.
This light switch / circuit symbol. (Physics everyone woohoo)
Played with the placement of letters for this one. I think this is a lot bolder (coming back again to the keyword “bold”) than the rest, and it does look younger and quirkier.
Elongated the L a bit so it doesn’t look to imbalanced. Changed the / to . instead.
More exploration, combining the two logotypes above
Adopted the light switch shape onto the bunk bed looking stacking of L / ON. Added contrast of thick / thin strokes to the logotype. Will be playing with the colors.

I’ll be developing digital mockups for the packaging with these logos, each with different graphic elements applied to it.

Shaving Foam digital mockup development


ART DIRECTION / Strategic Plan Finalisation / Week 5 – 6

This week we worked on refining our strategic planning. I was told to improve the list of benefits from exercising, by adding social benefits.

I did research on “Step Count Challenge”, a group, walking count challenge in UK made for office workers which is held every autumn and spring. The media that they used were posters, website, blog, Twitter and the challengers itself.


The tone and manner of my campaign would be bright, fun and encouraging, showing how exercise is easy and simple.

(Sketches will be inserted)

The media for my campaign would be poster, flyer/brochure, short video on social media, stickers on stair / elevator door / other public places.


EDITORIAL / Layout Exploration / Term 4, Week 6

After finalising the concept for my magazine, I finally moved on to exploring the layout and started to make some flatplans.

Magazine Structure


Some layout variations. Will sketch & explore more.

The magazine itself will be separated into 3 sections – the mind, the heart and the body; each section will have an illustrated spread with the content details. Each section will have at least 3 articles, and the magazine will end with “MBTI reads” article. Reader’s message / Rant page will be place in front of the magazine, directly after the main table of content.

The Mind content separator (Feedback: Try different placement of the illustration-centered, right, etc. Try with different colors)



Layouting the content separator.


Illustration Making Process

Sketch-Coloring (Media: Watercolor)

Editing sketch lines, refining colors.

PACKAGING / Brand Development / Term 4, Week 5

Continuing from last week, we set off to discuss about the brand, its slogan and the packaging structure.



I also find references from other men grooming products which I think pose as a competitor to my brand, to see their approach & style.


I’d like for L/ON to go for something in between Molton Brown’s sophistication and H’ (Harry’s) clean, more youthful design. I was suggested to use brighter color or contrasting color, rather than earthy color which would look older (“heritage”-looking) since my target audience is of the 25-35 age segment.

Logo exploration


The look I am aiming for is high-end and sophisticated but also quirky and would appeal to younger, urban/metro audiences.



I personally think this logotype has the right balance of sophistication and quirkiness. Will tidy it up though.

EDITORIAL / Poster Exercise / Term 4, Week 5

As an exercise to our layouting skill, we had to made at least 10 different poster layout / composition in A5 size, with grids. The content of the poster is an event called ‘Design Culture Now’, with all other informations (venue, date, speaker) about the event.



Magazine Project 

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.19.00 AM.png
Moodboard / Collage

I was told to come up with 3 different concepts / “brainstory” for the magazine before I start the layout process – what do I want people to feel when they read the magazine? Is the magazine a presence of steady support, an escapade or a friend?

I’ll be developing 3 concepts for the magazine from the collage above.

ART DIRECTION / Strategic Planning / Term 4, Week 3-4

For the final project, I decided to do a campaign on simple exercises for people who don’t do sports. Many of us neglect doing physical activity due to tiredness from work and school, stress, or simply finding many sources of entertainment that are less exerting. Little do people know, that doing exercises and sports regularly can help stress, maintaining youthful look and many other benefits. This campaign aims to bring awareness of doing simple, non-costly exercises to people.

Strategic Planning


Product Knowledge


“Exercises for people who don’t do much physical activity.”


What kind of people?


  • Adults (economically active population) (PRIMARY AUDIENCE)
  • Young adults (SECONDARY AUDIENCE)
  • Busy & tired with work
  • Middle- higher economy class
  • Urban lifestyle


Why don’t they do much physical activity? (Problem)


  • Too busy and from work
  • Won’t afford gym membership / sport facility & equipment
  • Find entertainment in other ways
  • They don’t see exercising important enough to be a part of their lifestyle
  • Would rather spend time relaxing after a long day


What are the problems of not doing exercising?


  • Tight muscles
  • Feeling down and unmotivated
  • Poor stamina & endurance
  • Risk of getting earlier old-aged sickness


What kind of exercises can be done?


  • Taking stairs instead of elevator
  • Jogging while walking your pet
  • Walking for a long distance
  • Don’t do it after a tiring day, start your day with a morning run!
  • Stretching & basic crunches (sit up, push up)
  • Swimming
  • Casual dancing
  • Cycling to work / school (when possible)
  • Yoga tutorials on Youtube
  • Anything to break some sweat!


What are the benefits to these exercises?


  • Reduces stress level
  • Increases dopamine in the brain, which would as a result increase productivity and happiness
  • Decrease dependency on painkilling drugs and anti-depressant
  • Sweating moisturizes skin and prevents it from drying out
  • Exercising regularly helps maintain a youthful look
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Exercising can be an outlet to relieve stress and anger





Consumer Insight


Which/What kind of adults are we targeting? (Demographics)


  • Adults of age 21-35 (primary)
  • Young adult of age 15-20 (secondary)
  • Economically active population
  • Middle – higher economy class
  • Single household
  • Married
  • Lives in urban cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan)
  • Urban lifestyle


What are the psychographic characteristics of these adults?


  • Tired, worn out
  • Stressed
  • Do not care about their physical health / staying fit
  • Work-oriented
  • Wants to keep up with the trend / “Kekinian”


What are the behavior of these adults?


  • Go to office/work
  • Actively dating / seeking for love interests (Single household)
  • Sexually active (Single household)
  • Working at home
  • Hang out with colleagues
  • Going to school
  • Hang out with friends
  • Chatting
  • Staying up late for homework
  • Surfing the internet for hours
  • Playing mobile games


How to get them to do these exercises? (Solution)


  • Introduce exercising as an effortless activity that can be slipped in during the day.
  • Emphasize on the benefits of exercising daily and regularly, no matter how little, in both short and long term.

Sales & Competition

Gym advertisement campaign – ‘The club for busy people’

They’re showing audience how they can be busy, doing their daily activities and still work out at the same time.

A campaign that persuades people to count their steps and walk regularly for better health. The image of a shoe, morphed between high heels and sports shoe could signify women changing into sports shoe, or symbolise that both women and men can join the step-counting challenge. I think it has to do with the line “… you and your workmates can keep active without messing up your routine” – you can work out (walking) while wearing high heels (a part of your lifestyle). 

A sort of feminist sports campaign – they’re encouraging women to do sports more by giving a direct visual of them doing the act, with an “inspiring” quote on it.

The compare & contrast shows that people of all age, gender, race can do it.
A direct, but interestingly formed visual to persuade people (women?) to take up fitness class and do all those acrobatics the woman on the poster is doing.

IDEAS IN CONTEXT / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 5

Research / Readings:

After more researches, I decided to cover the topic sexual objectification as a whole because it is the root cause of the catcalling problem – catcalling is just one of the behaviour of objectifying the human body.

Updated Creative Brief Download

The poster would be in a compare and contrast approach, comparing human body parts with its often-used euphemisms.

(Moodboard 2)
The idea / approach originated from this draft, as I was trying to find a good headline.

(Previous versions)

I was suggested to be very metaphorical about it and less direct about the human body parts; send the message through the metaphor rather than visually shocking.

(Sketches to be inserted)



(Moodboard 3)
Tracing the shapes onto the body! The euphemism for buttcheeks is globes.


“Jugs” vs Breasts
Fixing the composition
Trying real hard to appropriate into Indonesian version. Not very successful on the “globes” one.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 6.48.25 AM.png

Slogan Appropriation

I found out that there is no Indonesian term for body shaming yet, so I decided to add an Indonesian slogan above the English one (Shame No Body – which is also the name of the campaign).

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 7.07.40 AM.png
Black version


Follow up on comments on Hightail


Following up the comments, I kept the pink-white look and the English version of the poster. I also changed the “globes” to “buns” because the globe imagery didn’t work all too well. Loosened up the details on “two types of rides” to make it less explicit.

OOH mockup


Added a copy to make the message clearer


Revised OOH


WEB AUTHORING / Lecture Before The Storm / Term 4, Week 5

This week we were given extra lecture, regarding our first and final assignment – a responsive, website on our selected musician that’d work on desktop, tablet and smartphone viewing.

Before that, we were taught how to do responsive website on Adobe Muse, utilising the new fluid width function. We can do it by setting the breakpoints for different sizes.


Desktop (Full) size (1336)
Tablet viewing (960px)
Phone viewing (480px)

Before we begin designing the website, we need to do research, brainstorm and moodboard first, coming up with at least 3 different concepts for the web design & UI UX.

References to read:

Juniper Research

Responsive Nav Pattern

Complex Navigation Pattern

Inspiration on Media Query / Breakpoints


I’ve decided to do a website for the music band Kalafina – it’s a Japanese pop band that I’ve liked for a long time whose music goes in a quite varied direction since its founding, from baroque pop to generic pop/rock anime opening songs.

I intend for the web to look quite vintage-y but with a modern user experience, embellished vintage / lace decorations as how most of Kalafina’s album covers look like.

(Moodboard will be uploaded)