WEB AUTHORING / Dream(Code?)weaver / Term 4, Week 3

This week we were introduced to Adobe Dreamweaver and made a simple, clean looking website using the software.

I had struggles while doing the exercise because my codes got all jumbled up – how did this happen? I somehow managed to nest certain elements within each other wrongly. I just moved the elements from the “DOM” structure instead of inspecting the code thoroughly, so maybe this situation is to be expected (grand sigh). Thankfully I got most part of the exercise done (after a stressing out & having a mini meltdown, staring at the massive amount of codes trying to figure out how to fix the problem).

In this exercise, we made use of Bootstrap as well, mixing both HTML elements and Bootstrap’s.




For the next session, we will still be working with Dreamweaver, using our experience to create our own website. I haven’t installed Dreamweaver in my computer yet as of now, so I started with doing sketches and wireframe of the possible webpages.

Creating wireframe & graphic elements. The landing webpage will be mainly header, with 3 links and a footer. Clicking the links will direct you to other webpage.

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