PACKAGING / Brand Idea / Term 4, Week 2


(Work in Progress) Strategic Planning

Product Knowledge

“LIONHART” (from the words “Lion heart” and “hart”) is a brand that produces a line of men’s grooming product, to boost their confidence, charisma and charm.

What are men’s grooming products? The word grooming refers to things that people do to keep their outward appearance clean and well presented. Men’s grooming products are all the products that’d help men take care of their appearance & overall presentation.

List of (common) men’s grooming products: 

  • Shaving cream/gel
  • Shaving razor
  • Aftershave
  • Post-shave balm
  • Beard care products (beard soap, beard styling cream)
  • Mouth spray
  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Face wash
  • Face spray
  • Fragrances (perfume, cologne)
  • Deodorant
  • Styling wax
  • Sun block

Problems / mistakes men do with personal grooming

  • Grooming is an unmanly thing to do
  • Growing out mustache / beard without taking care of it
  • Not maintaining stubble growth (unbalanced stubble look)
  • Out of control eyebrows (unibrows) – Maintain natural shape of eyebrow, because they’re the most important indicator of face’s emotional expression.
  • Nose hair / ear hair trimming (usually +30 y.o)
  • Hairy neck
  • Hair over the ear – a general indicator that men need to go to barber
  • Using wrong products (body soap for face, or razors that create rashes after shaving)
  • Not using deodorant, mouthspray


  • Set a grooming routine (e.g: Every weekend / every morning before work)
  • Have the tools to proper grooming at home – shavers, clippers
  • Take care of mustache, beard and stubble by clipping / trimming the stray hairs, or
  • Have it clean shaven
  • Educate men on the importance of grooming (how it’d get you good first impression, get you the girl / job you want)

Why do men use these grooming products?

  • They want to appear clean, neat and respectable
  • Good personal hygiene & grooming is attractive to women
  • It is becoming acceptable for men to take well care of their looks
  • Unkempt facial hair could destroy men’s image and people’s impression about them
  • First impression is important, supported by well-groomed appearance

When do men take care of their personal grooming?

  • Early morning 

Consumer Insight

Which/What kind of male uses grooming products / groom well?

  • Economically active population
  • Middle-high economy class
  • Celebrities
  • (Stereotype) Gay males
  • Young adults (17 above)
  • Young executives age 25-35, primary audience
  • Age 35-45, secondary audience
  • Single household
  • Married

What are the psychographic characteristics of these adults?

  • High sense of self-preservation
  • Want to appear good to others
  • Care about opinions of people around them

What are the behavior of these adults?

How would “LIONHART” boost their confidence, charisma & charm?

What are the problems that “LIONHART” aims to tackle?




Moodboard WIP

After QC-ing my ideas for the keyword “bold” and the 3 products that I wanted to create, I was suggested to combine the mouth spray and shaving cream idea together to create a brand that produces a line of men’s grooming product. Now that I know what to make, coming up with the brand idea is next.

I have been thinking about possible brand names that’d convey the message of bold-ness, and coming up with brand image that’d show that these products would inspire confidence and boldness in men through confidence-boosting experience while grooming.

Brand name options: “Gallant”/”Gale”, “Brave”, “Lion-heart”/”Lionhart”

I chose the name “LIONHART”, a twist of the word Lionheart, because I think lion symbolises boldness, daring and courage. Lionheart itself means “a person with exceptional courage and bravery” (often heard / used in medieval themes), while “hart” is German for hard, tough firm.

I decided to come up with the brand identity (and some of the brand visual identity) before drawing up the structure of the packaging because I think by creating the brand first, I can better decide what look would best mirror / convey the brand’s ideals and message.

Brand logo draft

I had planned to make the logo look like a silhouette of a fortress (symbolises strength, fortification & boldness in structure), but that doesn’t look all too well once vectorised. The lion illustration with trimmed(?) mane that fits inside the circle looks more sophisticated and high-end rather than just simply bold, and since the brand is targeted for men of higher economy class/income (and their respective lifestyles), the sophisticated look is well-suited.




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