EDITORIAL / Strategic Planning & Moodboard / Term 4, Week 4

This week I focused on doing more research on what the magazine is about, what problems it will address, to what market segment and how it would provide solution and be a magazine that can provide self-help to people that needs it.

Strategic Planning

Product Knowledge


“Pschone” (from ‘psych’ & ‘schoen’) is a human relation/wellness magazine, which goal is to aid adults in coping with their hardships through life, providing reading materials that’d help balance the 4 important pillars in human’s life.


What is a magazine? Magazine is “a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a subject or area of interest”.


Genres of magazines:

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Political
  • Satirical
  • Science
  • Travel
  • Teen
  • Women


Why & where do people read magazine? People read magazine because it contains enlightening and insightful news and stories especially targeted for a specific market, unlike newspaper which is straightforward and targets general audience.


When do people read magazine?


What are the 4 aspects?


  • Mind
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Soul


What kind of problems/hardships are addressed (through the reading materials)?


  1. Mind
  • Stress caused by work, peer pressure, poor working environment / social circle
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Reluctance of communicating problems and worries with others
  • Unsettled mind with constant worrying and doubts
  • In denial of current situation, unable to accept their shortcomings and improve from that point


  1. Body
  • Health problems caused by stress
  • Destructive lifestyle; drinking, smoking, sexually promiscuous
  • Unhealthy diet pattern in favor of convenience
  • Dependence on medication (anti-depressants, painkillers)
  • Lack of physical activity


  1. Heart
  • Recurring relationship problems (familial and amorous)
  • Unable to move on from a hurtful and traumatic experience
  • Low emotional intelligence; unable to balance between using feeling and logic as the base of judgment (relies heavily on only either side)
  • Covering up emotional wounds by being defensive, unwilling to open to others and accept their help


  1. Soul
  • No spiritual guidance in life
  • Relies on solely intelligence and emotional capability to solve problems in life
  • Feel a significant gap in their life and fill it with humanly desires




Consumer Insight


Which/What kind of adults are the magazine targeting?


  • Mainly female audiences, mature readers of age 18 to 35 (primary audience).
  • Economically active population
  • Middle-high economy class
  • Adults who struggle coping with problems and challenges that arise in their work, relationship and daily life
  • Adults who enjoy reading to pass the time
  • Single household / Married


What are the psychographic characteristics of these adults?


  • High stress level
  • Low self esteem / unconfident
  • (Possible) Identity crisis
  • Prone to breakdowns
  • Reserved, only open to close friends


What are the behaviors of these adults?


  • Work-a-holic, using work to distract them from problems outside of job
  • Café-hopping (getting coffee, doing work, reading books)
  • Seek to find help to their problems (counseling group, online forum, group of friend)
  • On their gadget (phone, laptop, iPad)
  • Reading books, novels
  • Brash, act upon poor decision
  • Casual relationship / actively dating (single household)
  • Caffeine dependence



Product Related Problems


  • The working population is too busy and stressed to spend time to read
  • Some people won’t afford the price of magazine
  • Technology advancement drive people to consume more digital than printed media




  • Market “pschone” not just as a normal magazine, but a support system and a self-help reading, which can help people cope with stress and hardships
  • Make the magazine interactive to the readers – have pop-up boxes every several pages to encourage readers to have a better day.


Moodboards for target market based on age segment, lifestyle

I will work on the moodboard for the magazine visuals, the keywords and start with some layout sketches.


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