PACKAGING / L/ON / Term 4, Week 4

During QC today, I was told that my creative brief was alright – the background, target audience and focus are clear, however the objective was too biased.

Other comments were on the name of the brand “LIONHART” – it sounds too strong, old and tacky for it to be marketed to the age segment of 25-35. For the target market of 25-35 years old, higher economy class (A+ – B+ class), they’d expect a quirkier, simpler name, due to the exposure to a lot of western culture and high class lifestyle. The logo visuals also need to be simpler, more modern and sophisticated. To fit the creative brief better, I also had to update my moodboard as it was too general.

Updated creative brief

The alternate that I came up with for the name of the brand is “L/ON” (read: Lion), a quirked-up version of the word lion. The “I” is slanted to signify the distinction of this one character that shifts thing a bit from the being just the ordinary; with the message that if you groom well, you’d stand out, be distinctive from the rest of the pack by projecting the 3 qualities of confidence, charisma and charm. (Update: I later decided L/ON would be the acronym for “lights/on” – the light is on you, so give them your strongest, boldest by presenting your best at all times)

Development of logo
L/ON logo; minimalist, edgy, modern, sophisticated
Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 2.33.41 PM.png
Updated moodboard; the guy on the bottom right being the man that I perceive to be the perfect image of the brand.

Will be working on:

-Packaging design (the structure)

-Approach towards the design: is it by strong quotes that’d encourage men to groom better? Is it through images of well groomed man placed on the packaging itself? Or is it purely through graphic elements – emphasising on the boldness of a lion?


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