WEB AUTHORING / Lecture Before The Storm / Term 4, Week 5

This week we were given extra lecture, regarding our first and final assignment – a responsive, website on our selected musician that’d work on desktop, tablet and smartphone viewing.

Before that, we were taught how to do responsive website on Adobe Muse, utilising the new fluid width function. We can do it by setting the breakpoints for different sizes.


Desktop (Full) size (1336)
Tablet viewing (960px)
Phone viewing (480px)

Before we begin designing the website, we need to do research, brainstorm and moodboard first, coming up with at least 3 different concepts for the web design & UI UX.

References to read:

Juniper Research

Responsive Nav Pattern

Complex Navigation Pattern

Inspiration on Media Query / Breakpoints


I’ve decided to do a website for the music band Kalafina – it’s a Japanese pop band that I’ve liked for a long time whose music goes in a quite varied direction since its founding, from baroque pop to generic pop/rock anime opening songs.

I intend for the web to look quite vintage-y but with a modern user experience, embellished vintage / lace decorations as how most of Kalafina’s album covers look like.

(Moodboard will be uploaded)



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