PACKAGING / Brand Development / Term 4, Week 5

Continuing from last week, we set off to discuss about the brand, its slogan and the packaging structure.



I also find references from other men grooming products which I think pose as a competitor to my brand, to see their approach & style.


I’d like for L/ON to go for something in between Molton Brown’s sophistication and H’ (Harry’s) clean, more youthful design. I was suggested to use brighter color or contrasting color, rather than earthy color which would look older (“heritage”-looking) since my target audience is ofΒ the 25-35 age segment.

Logo exploration


The look I am aiming for is high-end and sophisticated but also quirky and would appeal to younger, urban/metro audiences.



I personally think this logotype has the right balance of sophistication and quirkiness. Will tidy it up though.

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