PACKAGING / Brand Development & Packaging / Term 4, Week 6

This week I was told to refine my logotype, to remove the diagonal lines on the logo and simply incorporate it as graphic elements instead.


L too big, logo a bit too tall. Play w/ the placement of L and the color
Digital mockup of the shaving foam bottle; interesting graphics but the logo brings it down


Sketch on packaging graphics


Packaging that will be used for shaving cream, aftershave and mouth spray



Logo Development


The shape of the L / here is taken from the shape of a light switch.
This light switch / circuit symbol. (Physics everyone woohoo)
Played with the placement of letters for this one. I think this is a lot bolder (coming back again to the keyword “bold”) than the rest, and it does look younger and quirkier.
Elongated the L a bit so it doesn’t look to imbalanced. Changed the / to . instead.
More exploration, combining the two logotypes above
Adopted the light switch shape onto the bunk bed looking stacking of L / ON. Added contrast of thick / thin strokes to the logotype. Will be playing with the colors.

I’ll be developing digital mockups for the packaging with these logos, each with different graphic elements applied to it.

Shaving Foam digital mockup development



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