WEB AUTHORING / Prototype? / Term 4, Week 8

On this week’s episode of Crash Coding…


I opted to do my website in Dreamweaver, in favour of the bootstrap components (which I really need to learn more about).

I also realise that I need to return to codeacademy as soon as possible because I’ve forgotten quite a lot on how to code specific functions & css styling.

(Have yet to figure out how to place the buttons center aligned & on the middle of the image)
Linked the “English” button to the Parallax page. Haven’t changed the navigation bar yet (honestly I forgot how to duplicate the links wow)
Carousel! The captions will definitely have to be larger than that; haven’t styled the font either.


Will definitely be useful very soon.


How To Parallax (Css)

Trying Parallax Effect

CSS Styling_Opacity

After seeing these guidelines, I think I’m going to change the concept of my website – I’ll probably make them all in one page, rather than having 2 pages (landing page – home parallax) like I originally intented to.

Will update with Codecademy and website progress soon!



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