ART DIRECTION / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 7-8

The first concept of the campaign is to introduce the benefits of including physical activity & exercising in lifestyle, in order to change people’s mindset that exercising is a tiring thing that they cannot afford to squeeze into their hectic urban lifestyle.


(2nd concept)


I was told that I’d be needing more variations to the visuals of the poster, variation on how to convey the “secrets”. Originally I came up with the Superman-pose idea due to the word ‘ace’, which I relate to hero. Superman hides his secret beneath his shirt, and he opens it to reveal the “S” sign. In the picture, the people will be revealing the secret of exercising and benefit that it brought to them. However, the campaign name “healthy secrets” would be more appropriate than “ACExercise”.

Second and third concept is a bit more complicated on its execution, as it is to make a challenge out of exercising & make it a trend on social media. Third concept is to do crowd controlling on exercises (taking up stairs, flash-mob in the park, etc.). The concept is inspired by the social experiment of when people see three or more people look up to the sky, most will automatically follow it even though there seems to be nothing.

Visualisation of Concept 1

Developing a simple logo for the campaign. Will explore more on the letter “C”.
Image seems too dull and serious for it to be bright, fun and encouraging.
Changed the background color so it looks brighter. His ‘secret exercise’ would be dancing, and the earphone he is grabbing is the representation of dancing & music.

Visual Design Reference




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