ART DIRECTION / Assignment Progress / Week 9 – Term Break

I have thought of numerous different concept since the last one, because it looked too lifestyle & doesn’t show much about the sports/exercising part.

One idea that popped up to me was to make the poster’s visual look something like a motion capture image (a person doing morning run to a businessman, two people dancing till they meet and finally became a family – a literal visual interpretation of “this exercise made me who I am” kind of thing). This idea was inspired by composite image of jumps done by figure skaters.

Visual design references / moodboard

The other concept is to create an imagery of surrealist object by combining lifestyle things (accessories, gadget) and exercising equipments together. The message of the campaign, through the objects being morphed together, is to tell people that lifestyle and exercising actually comes hand in hand.

Visual design references / Moodboard
Draft visualisation of concept 3

The tagline is rather provocative (feels too long though, have to work on it still) to grab attention.

Other items that will be morphed =

  • Earring & Hula hoop
  • Phone & weightlift



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