EDITORIAL / Layout Explorations / Term 4, Week 8 – Term Break

These past few weeks I’ve been doing layout explorations on the spreads. It has been quite challenging to make each spread look interesting and not a layout replica of the previous articles.

Week 8

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MBTI Reads page

Spread result | It was quite a challenge placing all the information onto one page. Personally I like the look of the page, but it does seem quite packed.

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The Heart | Article 2

Spread results (Week 8)

Recipe of the month | Spread result
Editors message & Content spread
The Body | Content separator

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The Heart | Article 3

Spread result

The Body | Article 2 Spread Result

The Body | Article 1 Spread Result

Week 9 – Term Break

The Heart | Cover Story

layout-exploration_spreads13Β Layout Exploration_Spreads14.jpg

Spread results

The Body | Article 2 Spread results

Note: Changed the second spread a bit because the previous one doesn’t look like they belong together in an article. Still rather unhappy with the layout of the last page, particularly the placement of text and images.


Changed the Reader’s Rant Page to “Rant Space”, which is a pun of “Rent Space”. Decided on this pun, as well as the scribble on the top of the spread so that it has more meaning to it. This is the only spread which remains blank without content. Will work on it soon

The Heart | Article 2 Spread results

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Note: I changed the first spread so it can fit more texts, which as a result compressed the article onto 2 pages only (compared to the 3 pages it had before). This look feels a lot cleaner and organised.


The Body | Article 1

Note: Although I haven’t done much to the second spread, I’ve tidied up the first spread a bit, gave it a cleaner look by excluding the photograph on the 1st page that it had earlier on.




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