ART DIRECTION / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 11

Getting the message right through the visual


“Integrating exercise in the lifestyle busy people”

3 elements that need to be present in the visual:

  1. Busy
  2. Exercise
  3. Digital/App (Since the product/creative media is a health monitor & exercising application)



1. Metaphorical / surrealist morph of items

QC: Out of the 3 posters, only the blue one has the element which shows exercising & digital. It might have the ‘busy person’ element if the arm shows shirt cuff, but having all elements doesn’t mean that it’d be convincing.

2. Showing exercise while doing work

QC: 1st image: Too customised / 2nd image: doesn’t show the busy-ness

3. “Confessional” quotes from people who do exercise despite their busy lifestyle

Tone & manner: Straightforward, clean, bright, professional & smart

Moodboard / Visual Design Reference

Images used

Image Editing


(Need to add one more profession to the series Β – perhaps a businessman)



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