ART DIRECTION / Final Review / Term 4, Week 12

Key Visual QC

  1. The mom & office lady visual is good. Looks natural & delivers the message well.
  2. Office man visual: environment looks ok (it can be at an office, or campus) but the man himself doesn’t look sporty enough.
  3. Light & cleaner background makes the text pop up more.
  4. Teacher image not natural / ideal enough.

Advertisement / Traditional Media QC

  1. Bus stop ad / elevator ad can be more interactive, it can give suggestions on simple exercises. Rather than just displaying the same image over and over again. If this is delivered creatively, it can be creative media as well.

Event QC

  1. Invitation can be more creative & relate it to the app more. Include more graphics / icons so that it is looks more fun.
  2. Be more unique with the event medias rather than just havng nice layout (same goes for the phone app)
  3. Invitation can be meshed with the brochure, containing introduction abt the brand identity & what the event is about, and the activities involved.

Creative Media QC

  1. Choose whether you want the phone app to be the product of the campaign, and come up with other creative media (maybe through the busstop ad / elevator ad) OR
  2. Make the phone app be the creative media, thus minimisingΒ the phone app elements on the key visual, making the campaign itself the sole selling point.lifexercise_event-04



Made the dude look more casual

Added icons to app



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