PROJECT DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION / Problems and Solutions / Term 5, Week 1-2

These two weeks we have been discussing about possible problems for the theme “Innovation Tradition” and how we can make a project out of those problems (also called business drivers) by finding solutions to them.


All three topics and their solutions were well received, but the topic that I ended up choosing is the gender colour coding (later expanded to gender tradition which involve colour, roles and norms) because it’s something that I find myself most passionate  (for a lack of better term) about.

The alternative solutions to this topics are making a line of unisex clothing wear, making board games or card games. The one I chose (as the most feasible one) is the board games. This is derived from my childhood experience of playing Monopoly, how it enforced the idea that being rich feels good & like a winner. Games are important in childhood and ideas enforced by these games are unconsciously brought up to adulthood.


Research readings:


Research on educational / entertaining board games:

Target market’s general overview on how they find enjoyment through games & plays

Self-esteem / self image building games

Inspiring game with a great, realistic concept!


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