PORTFOLIO / Brainstorm & Concept Exploration / Term 5, Week 1-2

(1/3 Update not complete)

These past two weeks I have been researching about things that’d symbolise me and a concept for the personal branding which would resonate to myself & my personality.



I started off very direct, creating logos / symbols with my initial, while trying to convey aspects of my personality through various concepts.


Because I felt like it wasn’t working, so I tried to build the concept from a different perspective; not simply based on adjectives that form my personality, but my decision-making process. Where did that come from? At the end of the day, my decisions are what create my designs, the reason why I’m currently doing what I am, who I am as a person. I’m on earth not even because of my own decision!

So I think that it plays an integral part in everyone’s life. To elaborate it in a broader sense: How a person makes their decision also ultimately defines them as a person- how they think, factors in decision-making which they prioritise more than others, why they made the decision as such. I believe that every happenings in life occurred because of a reason, and that all these interconnecting decisions, actions and outcomes form the entirety of someone’s life.


To further expand this concept, I look through the whole “decision-making” in different perspective; if before I talked about the interconnecting outcomes which constructs someone’s life, this time it’s about the factors that affect decision-making (logic & intuition). The other perspective would be the process of making a decision itself, which is like piecing all the informations, facts, opinion, and personal understanding to come to a decision on what is the best course of action to take. I represent this in jigsaw puzzle, because it is a process of putting the right pieces together, finding solution to a mess of a problem.

Moodboards & SWOT


Shapes exploration – combined the shape of web & sun (symbol meaning “Weaving of life”)


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