PDI / Assignment Progress / Term 5, Week 3

Creative Brief download

This week I have been working on the game system of the board game, which is still under development & hopefully finished by the time I hand the creative brief over to my graphic designer. (if not, then we will be discussing it together until week 5, alongside with the illustration production). 

Chance! is a eurostyle board game, where players rely on planning & strategy to collect as many points as possible to win. The 5 stages of the game are kids (5-8), pre-teen (9-12), teen (13-19), adult (20-55), late adulthood (55-80). The challenge of the game is to reach the endgame with the most points / life tokens (which measures as the “life satisfaction” throughout the game), without any black tokens. There will 20 jobs available in the game and it will be unlocked in the adult stage. Jobs can be purchased with adjective cards collected by the players mainly in the kids, pre-teen and teen stage. Apprenticeship and internship jobs can be found in the teen event card. To advance in the game, players roll dice. This game is meant for kids age 7+ and can be played with minimum amount of 2 participants. 

Next week we have to present our project, along with the design strategy. I’m still researching and collecting reference on what kind of illustration would best suit the target audience, and what keywords that go along with it. I think the biggest opportunity for this project is that board games are starting to gain momentum again since 2016, with parents starting to be more aware of the harm that can be done by exposing gadgets too much & often to young children. 


Scan_1003 2Scan_1003 3Scan_1003Scan_1003 1

Update on game mechanics & elements:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.46.41 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.47.01 AM

Research & readings






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