PDI / BARTEG / Term 5, Week 4

Upon receiving the creative brief from my design director of this project, I concluded (and later confirmed with Seth) that the most important keywords for Barteg are affordable, comfortable, cozy, new and fresh.

BARTEG moodboards-03

This week, I was assigned to do 30 logo sketches first for Barteg. I sketched out the logos with several different approaches and style. Since it is targeted for the lower-economy class, I have to remember that it cannot look too sophisticated.

From these sketches, Seth liked the approach number 28 the most.

Scan_1503 4

I began to develop the logo digitally and the visual identity as well.

W4_Barteg logo exploration-01W4_Barteg logo exploration-02W4_Barteg logo exploration-03

W4_Barteg logo exploration-04
Color feels too A&W -ish. More variation needed. Will do more sketches on the stationeries layout.
Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 6.14.09 AM
Color scheme proposed by Seth

Having finished the logo sketch, I now was assigned with the environmental sketch of Barteg.

(Sketches will be inserted)


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