PORTFOLIO / Symbol Development / Term 5, Week 3-4

These past 2 weeks I have been brainstorming further about my decision-making concept and coming up with a symbolism for it.

The concept is about the how decisions that you make (or others, actually) in your life brought you up to this point, made you who you are and in a sense, constructed your life.

I brought up this topic because I think it is important for people to understand how decision-making works, as people are often too engrossed with their own busy-ness and fail to see the bigger picture of the events in life. Feeling is just a small part of making a decision, and even though it is important to count feeling into factor, you shouldn’t let your feelings ride you. A huge part of my life is due to countless of bad decisions as well, in which I realised that bad decisions don’t necessarily result in bad outcomes. The result of your decisions becomes a collective string of events and they construct your life.  

I symbolise the connections of decision, action and the outcome with spider web & sun; the strings of decision & action being spider web, and what it constructs (life) being sun.

Sunweb symbolism ppt-01Sunweb symbolism ppt-03Sunweb symbolism ppt-02Sunweb symbolism ppt-05Sunweb symbolism ppt-04Sunweb symbolism ppt-07

Digital development of the sun-web shape

Sunweb symbolism ppt-15

Logo break-down, explanation of decision making process

Application of logo onto pattern & visual system

Currently on work:

  • Installation idea (keep brainstorming!)
  • How to package the portfolio
  • Portfolio structure & layout

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