COPYWRITING / Assignment Progress / Term 5, Week 4-5

For the past 2 weeks I have been developing the tagline, ad copy and Twitter/Instagram caption for my imaginary product, as well as producing visual draft of it.

Brainstorm on what the product is and what it offers


Some sketches
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.43.07 AM
1st draft

The comment on this was that the tagline & ad copy were fine, but design-wise it is too crowded. The idea on this one is more of a compare & contrast, and it ended up kind of (very accidentally) racial.

This is the adjustment to the visual I do on week 5, with a much cleaner look with a futuristic element included in the very natural environment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 7.09.31 AM

This was the twitter caption that I came up with, with reference to pop culture (magic / Harry Potter / Doctor Strange and whatnot). It wasn’t bad, however it didn’t really hit because it is not too direct on what the product offers in comparison to the competitors.



COPYWRITING / Radio Ad & Imaginary Product / Term 4, Week 2-3

Week 2

This week we were showed how copywriting shines through TVC / radio ad. TVC is, in a way, an art form of its own. It can evoke various emotional responses within the short amount of time. Radio ad is a lot more cost effective and efficient in time. With copywriting in TVC / radio ad, you have to say it, explain it and repeat it (so that it becomes memorable), all within a minute or less.

To end this class, we had to make a radio ad to promote martabak manis to foreigner! I came up with a dialogue scenario rather than monologue and the challenge is to describe martabak to foreigner / find Western equivalent to it.

*Traffic sounds can be heard in the background, 2 man are idly strolling on the side of the street*

A: Have you ever tasted something so sweet, rich, moist and buttery that it just melts in your mouth?

B: You mean whip cream?

A: It’s denser and it’s got a rich texture!

B: Like a sponge cake?

A: Even more moist and it comes in all these different flavours.

B: Cupcakes?

A: Even better.

B: What? No, nothing is better than cupcakes.

A: Wanna bet on it?

B: Well, what is it?

A: (Mas, martabak manis nya 2 ya.) Here, you can try it for yourself.

“Sweet, rich and moist, martabak manis is Indonesia’s traditional heritage and the first thing you’d want to taste when you land on Indonesia”

B: *swear word* This is so good!

A: *under his breath* I’m so winning this bet.

Week 3

This week we continued working on advertising our imaginary product. My chosen imaginary product was the personal assistant which I ended up naming APA (accessorised personal assistant). As a part of research, we had to find 5 ads that are potential competitors to our product.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.29.56 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.29.53 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.29.50 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.29.48 AM

APA basically works like Iron Man’s Jarvis, and the product consists of a wearable (can be anything – wristwatch, earring, choker, etc) which is paired with a pair of earphones. APA helps you with your day to day activity, from something as simple as deciding what to have for lunch and paying your water/electric bills, to helping you with your client presentation. It basically speak through the earphones, assess environment, collect data and connect to internet through the accessorised wearable.

The tagline that I came up with for my product was “Wear the Future”. I wanted to make a reference about Jarvis in Iron Man, but was reminded that not everyone would understand it. However, the reference can be played into the Twitter / Instagram caption, to support the tagline & ad copy in the poster. I end up changing the tagline to “Wear the Future Now” to support the ad copy better & so that it doubles as a call-to-action.

The approach that I’m taking will be more of a compare & contrast, between APA users & non-users. It’ll show how much life will be easier if one uses APA – you don’t need to write down schedules in your daily planner or phone calendar anymore; APA will do it for you in an instant. No more unfolding and reading newspaper in shaky bus; APA will read the morning news for you – ones that you’d find most relevant. Visualisation-wise, there’ll probably be some floating texts which indicates APA’s speech.

(Somewhat like in BBC Sherlock but tidier, where they show floating text on the screen indicating Sherlock’s train of thought & deductions).

COPYWRITING / What it is / Term 5, Week 1


This week we are introduced to copywriting, what it is and what differentiates it from regular writing. We also did some exercises to help us improve our sense of copywriting.

Copywriting, by definition, is written content communicated through print/online media, particularly marketing and advertising. They’re written to raise brand awareness and persuade its values.

Examples of copywriting and where they can be found:

  • Tagline / slogan
  • jingle lyrics
  • Online / print media
  • Billboard ads
  • Website content


To write effective copywriting we need to be familiar with the product that we are trying to market, as well as be aware of the target market. By knowing the benefits of the product we can showcase it through the copywriting, using words/lingo that are relevant to the audience. It’s important to avoid giving too much information about the product.


Exercise 1

Write Tinder bio (no more than 3 lines) for your friend, based on your ‘research’ on them.

Ian, 19, Male

In me, you can find a friendly, self independent and persistent person. As an open-minded person, I like to engage in deep conversations about various topics and I’d like to have them with you. 🙂

The bio is more formal / mature because he seeks for a partner who is: willing to have deep convo, more stand-offish / doesn’t butt into his personal issues and open about any kind of subject of conversation.


Exercise 2 

Write a tagline & ad copy for an imaginary product

We discussed many different imaginary products, but I chose to cover the holographic personal assistant/advisor. I named it APA (Accessorised Personal Assistant), and it is basically an accessory with built-in AI which can manifest itself through holographic means. It assist the wearer with day-to-day activities, decision making, keep track of the wearer’s schedule and appointment, etc.

Wear the Future.

More than just smart, APA is a stylish, accessorised personal assistant made to accompany and assist you in your day to day activities. There’s no need to wait, wear the future now.