CORPORATE IDENTITY / Assignment Progress / Week 3 – 4

For the past 2 weeks my group has been working on logo sketches for the corporation that we are rejuvenating – Jasa Marga. We also brainstormed further on building Jasa Marga’s brand image, by coming up with several keywords that we want to emphasise. The keywords are link, trust, accessibility and support. We want Jasa Marga to portray itself as a trustworthy corporation that supports the community by linking different people and parts of society together.

Finding symbolism for each keywords that we chose


Our next step would be to digitalise the chosen logo sketch. We are also advised to work on customising the typography so that it is unique and belong exclusively to Jasa Marga only.


CORPORATE IDENTITY / Rejuvenating Brand / Week 1-2

Corporate identity is, as the name suggest, brand identity of corporations. Thus, what is brand identity? More or less, brand identity is a persona, the image that you want to show others, how others perceive your brand as.


For our first assignment (which is a group assignment), we are required to rejuvenate the brand of a corporation, while still maintaining its core values, vision and mission. To decide on which corporation’s brand to rejuvenate, we had to do a research on them first and from there, reason why they need the rejuvenation.

I did a case study on Jasa Marga, and I concluded that it need rejuvenation to keep up with the advancing technology and to align themselves better with their core values, vision and mission. The current brand identity is too inconsistent and outdated, its presence underwhelming among other big corporations currently in 21st century Indonesia. The other two case study that was done by our group was on Dunkin Corp, and SM Town (Korea’s artist management agency).

Jasa Marga case study download

Out of the 3, Jasa Marga was chosen by our lecturer  – the reason being that it’ll have more value in our portfolio because it involves social problems.

Brainstrom on how to approach the rejuvenation 

Current task: Research on local & international competitor for reference, sketch min. 10 logo w/ different approach.