EDITORIAL / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 11-12

spot them out infographic section

Some improvements to the spread & cover revamp.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.17.38 PM.png


EDITORIAL / Layout Exploration Revision / Term 4, Week 10-11

QC / Feedback from friend this week

  • Magazine layout & style needs consistency. Make rules for layouting and make sure the grid is consistent throughout.
  • Pay attention on type treatment
  • Use images of the similar nuance to enhance consistency
  • Explore more styles & define the layout style in correlation to the magazine concept

STYLE 1 – Serious / Conservative


Heading typeface: Filosofia

Subtitle: Avenir Medium 11pt

Body text: Avenir Book 9 pt

Byline: Avenir Oblique 7pt

Baseline grid: 12pt increment

Image opacity: 31%


STYLE 2 – Dramatic / Heavy emphasis on typography as illustrative element (Either one page or half page)


Heading typeface: Walbaum Bold / Bold Italic

Subtitle: Avenir Medium 11pt

Body text: Avenir Book 9 pt

Byline: Avenir Oblique 7pt

Baseline grid: 12pt increment

Image opacity: 31%

Pullquote: Walbaum Roman


STYLE 3 – Clean, light (since the concept of the magazine is to bring enlightenment and understanding to readers)


Week 10 Magazine Revamp

EDITORIAL / Layout Explorations / Term 4, Week 8 – Term Break

These past few weeks I’ve been doing layout explorations on the spreads. It has been quite challenging to make each spread look interesting and not a layout replica of the previous articles.

Week 8

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MBTI Reads page

Spread result | It was quite a challenge placing all the information onto one page. Personally I like the look of the page, but it does seem quite packed.

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The Heart | Article 2

Spread results (Week 8)

Recipe of the month | Spread result
Editors message & Content spread
The Body | Content separator

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The Heart | Article 3

Spread result

The Body | Article 2 Spread Result

The Body | Article 1 Spread Result

Week 9 – Term Break

The Heart | Cover Story

layout-exploration_spreads13 Layout Exploration_Spreads14.jpg

Spread results

The Body | Article 2 Spread results

Note: Changed the second spread a bit because the previous one doesn’t look like they belong together in an article. Still rather unhappy with the layout of the last page, particularly the placement of text and images.


Changed the Reader’s Rant Page to “Rant Space”, which is a pun of “Rent Space”. Decided on this pun, as well as the scribble on the top of the spread so that it has more meaning to it. This is the only spread which remains blank without content. Will work on it soon

The Heart | Article 2 Spread results

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Note: I changed the first spread so it can fit more texts, which as a result compressed the article onto 2 pages only (compared to the 3 pages it had before). This look feels a lot cleaner and organised.


The Body | Article 1

Note: Although I haven’t done much to the second spread, I’ve tidied up the first spread a bit, gave it a cleaner look by excluding the photograph on the 1st page that it had earlier on.



EDITORIAL / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 7

This week I’ve been working on gathering contents for my magazine and applying them on the layout. I started the layout very conventionally (following the grids, putting everything into a square) before experimenting on it.

I’m also working on the front cover for the magazine. I experiment on creating superimposition effects in Photoshop, but it still looks messy so far.

Cover draft

Exploration & other version


The content seems too big; will be working on it
Image is rather blurry after printed, placement of headline & text still looks blocky & boring


Qc: Try to contrast the headline’s typefaces by making the “freedom” italic
Lack of white space; could be improved by having lesser columns
QC: Improvement for the spread


Comments from peers


Changed the image & played with placement of the headline & subheadline.

Working on the content spread

Comments I received: Indent on the “Insight”, why? / The number’s font looks strange / Love the flow!
Widow / Orphan applies too to table of contents
Revised; will still choose a better font for the numbering.
Tidying up pull quote




Logo Exploration


Flower Elixir article;  Layout exploration

Variation 1
Variation 2


The Body content separator; illustration clean up & layouting



(Bullet points not styled yet)

Recipe of the month article; layout exploration & typographic styling

Numbered / Bullet points not styled yet


No styling on pull quote / sectioning yet

EDITORIAL / Layout Exploration / Term 4, Week 6

After finalising the concept for my magazine, I finally moved on to exploring the layout and started to make some flatplans.

Magazine Structure


Some layout variations. Will sketch & explore more.

The magazine itself will be separated into 3 sections – the mind, the heart and the body; each section will have an illustrated spread with the content details. Each section will have at least 3 articles, and the magazine will end with “MBTI reads” article. Reader’s message / Rant page will be place in front of the magazine, directly after the main table of content.

The Mind content separator (Feedback: Try different placement of the illustration-centered, right, etc. Try with different colors)



Layouting the content separator.


Illustration Making Process

Sketch-Coloring (Media: Watercolor)

Editing sketch lines, refining colors.

EDITORIAL / Poster Exercise / Term 4, Week 5

As an exercise to our layouting skill, we had to made at least 10 different poster layout / composition in A5 size, with grids. The content of the poster is an event called ‘Design Culture Now’, with all other informations (venue, date, speaker) about the event.



Magazine Project 

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.19.00 AM.png
Moodboard / Collage

I was told to come up with 3 different concepts / “brainstory” for the magazine before I start the layout process – what do I want people to feel when they read the magazine? Is the magazine a presence of steady support, an escapade or a friend?

I’ll be developing 3 concepts for the magazine from the collage above.

EDITORIAL / Strategic Planning & Moodboard / Term 4, Week 4

This week I focused on doing more research on what the magazine is about, what problems it will address, to what market segment and how it would provide solution and be a magazine that can provide self-help to people that needs it.

Strategic Planning

Product Knowledge


“Pschone” (from ‘psych’ & ‘schoen’) is a human relation/wellness magazine, which goal is to aid adults in coping with their hardships through life, providing reading materials that’d help balance the 4 important pillars in human’s life.


What is a magazine? Magazine is “a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a subject or area of interest”.


Genres of magazines:

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Political
  • Satirical
  • Science
  • Travel
  • Teen
  • Women


Why & where do people read magazine? People read magazine because it contains enlightening and insightful news and stories especially targeted for a specific market, unlike newspaper which is straightforward and targets general audience.


When do people read magazine?


What are the 4 aspects?


  • Mind
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Soul


What kind of problems/hardships are addressed (through the reading materials)?


  1. Mind
  • Stress caused by work, peer pressure, poor working environment / social circle
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Reluctance of communicating problems and worries with others
  • Unsettled mind with constant worrying and doubts
  • In denial of current situation, unable to accept their shortcomings and improve from that point


  1. Body
  • Health problems caused by stress
  • Destructive lifestyle; drinking, smoking, sexually promiscuous
  • Unhealthy diet pattern in favor of convenience
  • Dependence on medication (anti-depressants, painkillers)
  • Lack of physical activity


  1. Heart
  • Recurring relationship problems (familial and amorous)
  • Unable to move on from a hurtful and traumatic experience
  • Low emotional intelligence; unable to balance between using feeling and logic as the base of judgment (relies heavily on only either side)
  • Covering up emotional wounds by being defensive, unwilling to open to others and accept their help


  1. Soul
  • No spiritual guidance in life
  • Relies on solely intelligence and emotional capability to solve problems in life
  • Feel a significant gap in their life and fill it with humanly desires




Consumer Insight


Which/What kind of adults are the magazine targeting?


  • Mainly female audiences, mature readers of age 18 to 35 (primary audience).
  • Economically active population
  • Middle-high economy class
  • Adults who struggle coping with problems and challenges that arise in their work, relationship and daily life
  • Adults who enjoy reading to pass the time
  • Single household / Married


What are the psychographic characteristics of these adults?


  • High stress level
  • Low self esteem / unconfident
  • (Possible) Identity crisis
  • Prone to breakdowns
  • Reserved, only open to close friends


What are the behaviors of these adults?


  • Work-a-holic, using work to distract them from problems outside of job
  • Café-hopping (getting coffee, doing work, reading books)
  • Seek to find help to their problems (counseling group, online forum, group of friend)
  • On their gadget (phone, laptop, iPad)
  • Reading books, novels
  • Brash, act upon poor decision
  • Casual relationship / actively dating (single household)
  • Caffeine dependence



Product Related Problems


  • The working population is too busy and stressed to spend time to read
  • Some people won’t afford the price of magazine
  • Technology advancement drive people to consume more digital than printed media




  • Market “pschone” not just as a normal magazine, but a support system and a self-help reading, which can help people cope with stress and hardships
  • Make the magazine interactive to the readers – have pop-up boxes every several pages to encourage readers to have a better day.


Moodboards for target market based on age segment, lifestyle

I will work on the moodboard for the magazine visuals, the keywords and start with some layout sketches.

EDITORIAL / Magazine Study / Term 4, Week 2

This week we familiarised ourselves with the layout and structure of magazines & newspaper by creating a flatplan of them.






I did flatplans of 2 different magazines – Madame, a German edition fashion magazine and Architectural Digest so that I have the idea and comparison on how magazines of different genres differ in their structure & layout.

“Madame” has a more ‘playful’ layout, a lot of picture collages, using huge dropcap as one of the decorative element on the page. Each spread seems to have a different layout, although the overall consistency is supported by the continued use of same font style (Serif for Title & body text, Sansserif for captions, description & footers).

Architectural Digest’s layout is a lot more structured and more consistent from spread to spread. The overall look is clean, organized, made interestint with the stunning & pleasant interior images.

EDITORIAL / Magazine – Idea Brainstorm / Term 4, Week 1

Our final assignment is to either create and design our own magazine, or to re-design a magazine. I chose to create a magazine with my own chosen topic because I’d rather work on something that I am interested / passionate about discussing compared to just re-designing layout of an existing magazine.

Off to an early start, we were told to gather ideas for our magazine, what it would be about, who are the target market, etc.


I had three ideas to begin with – a magazine intended for universities students, a lifestyle magazine featuring Instagram pages & users, and finally a tri-monthly magazine about psychology-art. The students magazine will contain helpful tips on fashion, healthy diet, sleeping pattern, de-stressing tips and studying help for university students. The feature magazine for Instagram users is a very broad lifestyle which covers most of the scopes in life- art, food & beverages, fashion, literature; all sourced from the diverse Instagram users and pages.

The psychology-art magazine will be more of a heavy reading material, intended for people (perhaps above the age 18 and more mature audiences) who are interested in reading about psychology, human relation. It will also cover things that influence human psychology / mood – for example, food, music, art. This magazine can be considered a self-help reading, for those who want to know more about themselves and the nature of human being. It will also cover parenting tips from time to time, perhaps indirectly – through articles about troubled youths that can get parents to understand their children better. Lately I feel like when I want to read stuffs about psychology I had to go online and google them (which is admittedly very easy and simple!), while having them on print would be interesting.

Visual / Look & Feel References

I want the magazine’s style to be minimalistic, but with some twists in each spreads – maybe something like the the type being integrated within the image, or vector illustration/graphic elements which add value to photographs (like that “Soul Kitchen” poster). I’m leaning towards using pastel hues to get the soft, friendly, inviting vibe. I’m also interested in trying out a collage style for the cover, because the magazine will be covering topics and discussions about human from several different aspects and perhaps a collage could help translate the richness & diversity of its content.


Layout Inspirations


More Colorful / Playful Inspirations


Currently fleshing out the content of the magazine, and what the cover story could be.

Research on magazine content

Psychology Masterpost-Introverts


Tumblr Tag- MBTI

Child Development

David Norris, The Importance of Art in Life

Art & Society

Staying Friend with Ex?

Creativity x Depression

Emotional Abusers


Good Night’s Sleep