IDEAS GENERATION / Prepping Presentation / Term 3, Week 11

-Notebook DIY


-Calendar DIY

I decided to make the calendar myself because of the hilariously overpriced calendar-making-service in the printshop.
Materials that I will be using are duplex, cotton fabric (navy blue perhaps) to over the duplex cardboard and metal card rings to bind them.

Sketched out the sizes and dimensions.
Sketched out the sizes and dimensions.


-Making the board

Hid the folded seam line using black sketch paper

Materials & tools used for making the calendar:

-Duplex cardboard

-Hole puncher

-Cutter & Ruler

-Spray mount

-Metal card rings

-Dark navy blue cotton (half wool) fabric



Balikpapan starter pack \(:D)/

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 9

I’ve been working on the city signage and I was told to adjust the shape of the signage a bit. The signage with solid-filled direction mark is the clearest among the rest (just outlines.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.47.57 PM

-Fixed the shape, QC: maybe shape can be more oval if the signage board is single

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.17.38 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.19.10 AM

-Quick mockup

-more variations on shape

Haven’t sketched out the merch yet but I’ve tried some quick digital drafts of a pin (or sticker). I consider doing a cap, sticker and pin.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.57.29 PM


-City signage update


-Merchandise 1: Calendar


-Merchandise 2: Stickers or Pin series

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.11.57 AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.15.18 AM

-Merchandise 3: mini notes

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.28.09 AM

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 8

-Update on postcard series

-Changed image for “City by the Sea” because last one looks too crowded

-Changed image for “Wildlife by the Sea” due to resolution problem

Other variations of the postcard



-Update on Poster series

-Changed image (wasn’t attractive enough to promote a city)

-Variations on poster

brochure fixing

-Fixed the box so it looks less awkward

IDEAS GENERATION/ Assignment Progress / Term 3, Term Break

-Brochure mockup (layout test)


Brochure cover variation


Brochure front-back


Different typeface & background







-Postcard design variations


-Brochure cover variation

QC 18/08/2016



Alignment fixing



-Postcard series (added board texture to them)

-Still going to change the image for the 2nd poster because it doesn’t look very much like a city. (Searching for good high-res images)

QC Followup – 20/08/2016

-Added short description of the city on the poster

-made more space for the back of the postcard

-tried using pattern as postcard border

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress – logo ok? / Term 3, Week 7

– I felt like the geometrical shapes & clean cuts feel stiff & very corporate, so I decided to add some curves to it.

-It looks like a ribbon turned / twisted. Drawback is that gradient doesnt do very well on fabrics.
-I toned down the gradient a bit because it looked bland with only solid colors.

-Experimented with the layout

-I picked the blue-yellow one because the yellow-blue version looks detached, due to the gradient on the blue-side being too contrast to the bright yellow.


-experimented with softer, more modern colors but I still think the stronger cobalt blue & bright yellow works best


-I tried making a friendlier looking logo (as suggested) with a more amiable & inviting feel



-I feel like this strayed away from my concept. It does look friendlier and more inviting but I was aiming for a more sophisticated look which looks profe but not so posh that it’d drive people away from it. I aimed for that look due to the fact that capital city doesnt only have to attract people/tourists to visit the city, but also have to encourage investment (take New York vs Washington D.C. as an example) and not so much on the “fun”. My keywords were stability, developed(I was suggested to find a more amicable synonym to this) and pleasant (maybe ‘sophistication’ as well)

This one looks clean as well, but I think the visible shape overlays on the logo makes it look experimental rather than professional.

– why not mix them up though



-and re arrange them a bit



-my friend suggsted that the previous placement of type would be better



I’ve also started working on the postcards and coming up with taglines for the poster.

This postcard series, which I’ve developed digitally (because sketching it out would give no details at all) is the “balik”postcard – You have to turn the postcard over to see the background image (that is masked on the letters) in whole. (image will be on the left side, while right side will be used for writing & stamping)


Sketches on postcard

QC (10/08/2016): Postcard image would be better if its shown directly and not masked / concealed because the purpose is to show (best qualities of) the city & invite people



(Draft) design brief for poster design





Poster sketches









Poster DRAFT (digitalised)

QC – The typeface needs to be more dynamic, layout needs adjustment


(QC Followup on Poster & Postcard)

Postcard: Still masked, but on a bigger area. This follows the “balik papan” (behind the board) concept. Might change the “board”.


Color variation


Logo variation (special occasion, for brochure)


After days of dissatisfaction with the postcard layout and failed attempts of liking any of them…

I finally came up with something I like.

Using the idea of duality and showing each aspects that Balikpapan has through the postcard series. I still need to design the back of the postcard, but I’m pretty happy about how this one turned out.

Also working on brochure and creating patterns using the logo so I can apply them on the brochure.

Inspirations for city brochure



Inspiration on geometric patterns


IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 6

Over the weekend, I’ve been working on the concept sketches and developed some that are my personal choices. Most of the thumbnail sketches are geometrical abstraction, and mutations / evolution / combinations of each other.

Concept sketches – 80 in total

Developed logo sketches from 3 of my personal favorites concept sketches


Out of all the sketches, these are the 3 that Ms Claudia liked the most. Idea 78 (the one which looks like Suzuki’s “S”) is developed from the geometrically segmented B & P in a slanted perspective (laid down on a surface). She had suggested to change the order of the shapes so that it looks more like a B rather than S. Idea 61 is taken from the stem of B & P, placed upwards & downwards respectively, and separated by a wave in the middle. (Wave signifies the sea and “P” stem is not aligned with “B”‘s because it is ‘broken’ by the illusion of water reflection). The third option is actually a developed sketch (from last week’s geometric break down of city shapes) – I gave them cuts so that the alphabets would be more visible.

Ms Uma’s feedback was to not develop the 1st and 3rd option at the same time because they’re too similar (geometric shapes which makes alphabets that directly represent the city)- to get more diverse outcomes and eventual choices for the logo, it’d be better to develop something different, such as the 2nd option which has a different concept & connotation to the shape.

 Developed the ideas further in class

Experiment on digitalising the sketches 

I’m not sure whether I’ve explained the color philosophy yet on the previous blog post, but basically I picked the colors blue and yellow to symbolise the sea & oil that they’re abundant in, as well as to promote a “stable and pleasant, joyful living”, a city with integrity that you can trust in. Stability and integrity is represented by the color blue (sea), and pleasantness & joy (as well as energy, since Balikpapan folks are very industrious and hardworking by nature) by yellow (oil).

Update on the collage / Typeface


I selected one another sketch to be developed in Illustrator. Somehow manipulating & making different variations of the shape is much easier when they’re vector already, compared to sketching it out. However, doodling & sketching by hand enables more exploration and disfigurement of the forms.

I’ve also made several type combinations for my logos.

I selected an array of sans serif fonts because I want the logo to look sophisticated but at the same time not too posh, upscale, unfriendly / uninviting like how serif fonts often suggests.

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Term 3, Week 5

I’ve came up with 3 different angles on how to represent Balikpapan as a city, or to give it a new image/identity. The 3 rough ideas that I’ve came up with (after brainstorming and researches) are Balikpapan as a tourist city, as “the 2nd Jakarta”, or as an industrial city (which it is already known for, but I’d like to focus on how it isn’t simply a city wealth in natural resources).

So far I’m most inclined to go on with the “2nd Jakarta” concept because it is the one that makes the most sense to me, based on my research and personal analysis on the city’s economical and geographical factor, as well as the sustainability of it and the extra values that the city has got to offer, which no other metropolitan cities can compete with (so far it is the abundance of wildlife, relaxation by the beach, that the city is as pleasant as it is developed).

I’d like to ask my peers on these 3 different re-branding ideas and see which one they would like the best, so I created a short introductory essay about Balikpapan which would equip my peers with the general knowledge of the city to have a fact-based opinion on the three ideas that I’m going to present to them.

Balikpapan is a seaport city located in East Borneo. Populated by 701.066 people in total, it is the second largest city in East Borneo and one of the fastest developing city in Indonesia. Often dubbed as “Singapura nya Indonesia”, Balikpapan far surpasses other cities in the nation in terms of orderliness and cleanliness. Long before its rise as a developing city, it has always been a site of oil drilling and refinery – which contributed significantly to the city’s wealth and eventual development. Currently, it houses many multinational companies such as ChevronTexaco (US), Pertamina (Indonesia), Schlumberger (France), Thiess (Australia), Total S.A. (France) and Weatherford International (US). The geographic factor allows trade to be done easily through Balikpapan, as it stretches along the coast. Naturally, Balikpapan has a long stretch of beach and has several beach resorts built for touristing and relaxation purposes. Not only that, it also thrives in wildlife attraction, with its sunbear sanctuary, crocodile breeding park and orang utan conservatory which cannot be found easily in other places in the nation. Despite its higher living cost compared to others, income received by workers there is high enough to adequately support the Balikpapan lifestyle. As it develops, Balikpapan is supported with the rise of shopping centres, even though they’re still sparse and lackluster in comparison to the more developed cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung.

With this general knowledge of Balikpapan, which idea do you think would be the best in re-introducing / re-branding Balikpapan? Why, in your opinion, and the angle of your study/expertise from which you view the case in?

A) Tourist city
Balikpapan has all the potentials to be a hot tourist destination for people who are looking for some relaxation by the beach, or wildlife adventure in the forest. The city has significant advancement on tourist attraction, particulary on the beach resorts and water park. It offers a peaceful holiday in the nature for locals or international tourists who are seeking for an escape from the hectic routine of the metropolitan city.
B) The “2nd Jakarta”
Having won the Most Livable City (national) award in 2013, Balikpapan is by far a suitable city for people from the metropolitans to live in / migrate to. It offers not only a stable, clean and orderly environment, but also job opportunities in the industrial sector and trade. The town planning is a lot more ordered than Jakarta, climate is stable and the environment is much greener and less hectic than the demanding capital city. Even though it might still lack the metropolitan glam, it supports sustainable living and there are many recreational and relaxation spots that stressed out workers in Balikpapan can seek solace in. By encouraging people to migrate to Balikpapan, it would also reduce overpopulation in Jakarta – an ever-growing problem of which effect is getting worser day by day.
C) Industrial city

Known an acclaimed of the Oil and Gas town of Indonesia, Balikpapan lives up to its reputation. Located strategically along the coast, it has two ports and each are equally busy – loading with passengers and cargos everyday. Balikpapan thrives in the oil, gas and mining sector, but being rich in those resources isn’t the only reason why they’re successful. Their trade is supported by the city’s well-built infrastructure and business centers, and constant development being done to cope with the influx of international trades. It is a city which is much more than simply having something to harvest upon.

(Sketches, brainstorm and SWOT analysis to be inserted)

Responses from friends from various field of studies regarding the city re-branding idea:

Michelle, International Business 3rd year student (Resides in Melbourne, Australia)

I would think idea B – the “2nd Jakarta” as the best option, because:

– it has a “stable clean environment”. This will attract those who are worried about Jakarta’s environment, as it is very polluted.

– it received the “most livable city (national) award” in 2013

– a more orderly and less hectic city will lead to less stress and traffic jams for those working in the city, and will also attract those who have initially been hesitant to move to Jakarta due to the stress and traffic jams.

– it will reduce overpopulation in Jakarta itself, and (in the long run) reduce pollution and the sheer volume of vehicles in Jakarta

– Balikpapan supports sustainable living, something that is required in this day and age due to dwindling natural resources

– there are “many recreational and relaxation spots to seek solace in” for workers living and working in the city

Noa, Literature and Humanity Studies, class of 2014 (Resides in Surabaya, Indonesia)

I think i’ll go with B, since the distribution of people in Indonesia doesn’t seem to be well balanced and the majority of people focus java for job opportunity

Nadia, Masters in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (Resides in Frankfurt, Germany)

I’d choose B.  Indonesia needs new capital and Balikpapan has strategic position. There are many other places which could serve as tourist destination but not many could serve as a metropol

Alisha, Student at Faculty of Psychology Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

(Transcription of a telephone response)

Balikpapan has always been known (lebih berkonotasi ke arah) industrial. The people are fastidious and very industrious (“nguli”) and the city is known to be very productive in mining, gas, etc. To really find out about which angle to re-brand Balikpapan in, data of the city needs to be collected – firstly on its economy, second about its lifestyle and third the natural recreation that the city has. From these three point of views, an adjective (or multiple) can be concluded for Balikpapan. For example, Bandung has just been re-branded and it is known as “kota kreatif”, which is really prominent lately (with its emerging design firms). It is also helpful to know about the reason that the city is most often visited for. What’s the attractive side about the city? And if Balikpapan has been awarded the “most livable city” in 2013, how “livable” is it really? Why is it livable, how relative it is in opinion of the wide public? What factor contributes to Balikpapan’s livability? Jakarta, a city which would be considered overpopulated which traffic everyday and periodic flooding problems is still livable to many people – the fact that it is still populated proves this – for various reasons (job, education, lifestyle that it offers). In my opinion, if you have collected data on Balikpapan’s economy, lifestyle and natural recreation, you’ll be able to find out what city Balikpapan is and from there you can brand the city.



Idea 1 Brainstorm & Swot


Idea 2 Brainstorm & Swot


Idea 3 Brainstorm & Swot
Logo doodle & sketch
Logo doodle and sketch

After QC-ing and showing my array of doodles of different kinds of logos, Ms Claudia thinks that the ones that look like a silhouette (buildings/city silhouette turned to geometric letters) is a good idea to start on and that I should focus on developing those kind of logos. I’ve decided on developing the 2nd idea which is re-branding Balikpapan as capital-city worthy. Not too surprisingly, I stumble upon blog posts that also agree on Balikpapan’s potential as (East Borneo’s) capital city.

I’m still working on the collage, and I struggle to find more than 20 typefaces. I was suggested the font “Nevis”, a mixture of some of the bolder and sharp edged typefaces that I currently have in my collage.


I think it’d be great if I can find items found in Balikpapan and paste them on my collage, but I still have yet to find them. Other than showing scenery of Balikpapan, I’d like to also add some feeling, atmosphere and something local about the city into the moodboard, hence these images: the feet against water on the sand, texture & color of sea jewel, strong colors reflected onto the water.


This is the current moodboard for the “2nd Jakarta” idea which is still very weak. There is an image of a family that I included there to get the “pleasant living” atmosphere, but the subject of the photo suggests tourism more. I’m very fascinated by the strong colors of the construction helmet; I think that the bright colors would suit the energized, hard working and spirit of Balikpapan. Blue also represents trustworthiness, stability (stable living, you-can-trust-your-living-in-Balikpapan), as well as the sea. Yellow represents joy, happiness (a happy living, which suggests high living standard) as well as oil and mining that Balikpapan is rich in. I think that the colors blue and yellow are appropriate as Balikpapan’s identity, but I don’t want to exclude the natural riches that Balikpapan has yet, so I include a moss / forest green color and I’d try to see if I can put them together. (QC suggestion: Avoid the pastel blue colors, they don’t suit Balikpapan’s spirit and be careful with putting the green and blue together.)

IDEAS GENERATION / City Re-branding Assignment 2 / Term 3, Week 4

Concluding our first assignment for this module, we moved on directly to the second assignment which is city re-branding (creating a new image or rejuvenating the image of a city in its essence). In this assignment we are required to create a new logo for the city that we chose, and merchandises that come with it.

The city I chose is Balikpapan, second largest city in East Borneo (Kalimantan). Its wildlife is abundant, the city has been associated with the sun bear, and it has good reputation of being a clean city with good town planning. Some also note its similarity with our neighboring trade country Singapore, subbing Balikpapan as “Singapura nya Indonesia”. This being said, the city also share another similarity with Singapore; its high living cost compared to other cities in Indonesia.

Balikpapan was the home of oil drilling & finery back in the 1900s, and still is the base site of Pertamina (who took over Shell at 1965). During the World War 2, oil production was halted in Balikpapan and the industry took a huge damage until repaired by the Royal Dutch Shell in 1950s. Because of its geographical factor (located by the sea, easy access for ships), Balikpapan is also a trading point. Many multinational companies set their Indonesian base company in Balikpapan. In 2013, Balikpapan was chosen as the “Most Liveable City” (measured once every two years), toppling its predecessor Jogjakarta (2009, 2011) off the title.

Considering these factors (which I acquired after cursory researching), I feel like promoting Balikpapan’s orderliness, cleanliness (keyword: “posh” perhaps?) and the coastal sites, rather than the wildlife (which the city is also abundant with). Right now I have the imagery of promoting Balikpapan as a city that metropolitan folks would feel comfortable living in (or, relocating to). Balikpapan has a stable weather throughout the entire year – no days are too dry or too rainy, is generally warm –  which could make a more sustainable living than in Jakarta – unpredictable weather and harsh rainfall which leads to flooding almost every year. The city is developed enough that it has a lot of shopping centres, but it has natural sites that people can relax in as well (beaches, botanical garden, etc). The infrastructure is recognised as one of the best- its town structure neater than a lot of other big cities in Indonesia. According to my friend (whose family came from Balikpapan, but he himself doesn’t spend much time there either other than some occassional trips back to hometown), Balikpapan is like Surabaya but quieter, less populated, and is a lot quieter than Jakarta (maybe I can promote the relaxation factor?). Many businesses open up their offices there, so job isn’t scarce there either. The city is definitely very livable, and although the living cost is higher than some, the townfolks earning is also high (which results in high consuming power).


References on re-branding:

Behance – Rebranding Greece

Why do most city branding campaigns fail

City branding is not just for tourists

City branding study cases

Place branding

IDEAS GENERATION / Assignment Progress / Lebaran Break


Trailer so far:

Scene 1 (Zooms in to the door of the library) & Scene 2 (Boy walks towards the door)

Scene 10 (Jail bar) – Scene 11 (Book snapped close) – Black screen – Scene 12 (Hotel zoom out / night)

Scene 13 (Quick flashes of old man smiling, blinks of black & pink screen) – Black screen

Post-trailer scene (Sheepman kneading dough, zooms in to cocaine jar) – black screen


Download animation here!

Animation for trailer is mostly done- we’ve completed all the scenes we planned although the duration is still far below the required 1 min 30 secs. (So far it’s 46 secs only)

Background scenery & vector arts are done by Gia, character concept art by Faza & animation by myself.


(Some scenes from the animated trailer, not in any particular order)

Now we will have to place the audios into the trailer – hopefully it can be finished by this week!


Testprinted the cover – Faza will be printing the one to be submitted!

After several discussions we decided to add 2 more scenes into the trailer to prolong the duration. We’ve also started trimming the soundtracks and starting to assign them to each scenes / parts.


Worked in two more scenes into the trailer – boy running and boy crying onto the pillow.

WIP (workspace screenshot!)


As for the sound & effects, discussions are under process and Gia has also selected a part from the Conjuring soundtrack which fits several scenes perfectly. Gia will be placing the audios into the animation so that it becomes a trailer in whole.





-Opening scene: “Tomodachi ni Narou Yo (Let’s Be Friends!)” – Yoshihisa Hirano, Hunter x Hunter Soundtrack

-Dark theme buildup: Conjuring 1 Soundtrack trimmed – Joseph Bishara

-Boy crying scene:

-Credit song: Wonderland by Caravan Palace

-Epilogue: “Rockin Rollin Rollin” Yoda