PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE / Inspirations / Term 5, Week 3

This week we were required to find creative studios and art / creative directors that inspire us.

To me, there is a design studio that inspire me through their philosophy /  approach on design and their works.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.34.34 PM

Sciencewerk is a design studio based in Surabaya. Their philosophy is to come with creative design solutions by exploring at various disciplines. They approach the brief creatively and result in dynamic, strong and memorable designs.

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An art director whose works has caught my eye since the first term of my graphic design study is Chris Dixon – currently the art director of Vanity Fair magazine. Even though currently he is one of the most prominent design figure of the 21st century through revolutionising Vanity Fair, he hasn’t work there since forever. He originally majored in psychology but eventually took part-time art and design classes. Throughout the 17 years of his career, he has worked in various publications in the U.S.A such as New York Times Magazine, Financial Times. He also worked in Ogilvy & Mather. His works are characteristically typography-driven and his reworking of Vanity Fair  (which didn’t have typography as one if its strong suit) elevated the already iconic magazine brand.


Another admirable figure whom I’ve just recently discovered is an Indonesian designer Cecil Mariani. I particularly like how she discusses & come up with solutions for social issues through her meticulously researched and thought out designs. Having went to a design seminar in which she was one of the guest speaker, she told the story on how she eventually became the designer that she is now. She initially had art / illustration background, but she knew that it’d be hard to make a living solely from doing paintings so she opted for design. Throughout her graphic design studies, she eventually became exposed with multiple disciplines of designs (architecture, fashion, etc) and it influenced her as a designer up to today. She had to start a fund-raising project to fund her own Masters study. Through this “tua tua sekolah” campaign, she sold notebooks as a fund-raising method and the project became widely known to the world.





PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE / Mindmap, SWOT / Term 5, Week 1

In this class, we will be preparing our self-promotional package (self-branding) which ties to our portfolio class. We will also be working on our CV and resume.

To begin, we did mind mapping and SWOT analysis about ourselves, as part of self-exploration that’d better help us understand ourselves and establish an identity that we’d be presenting professionally to others (clients, boss, colleagues & peers) in the future.

SWOT Analysis (based on mindmap & questions answered, in both personality and designing skills)


  • Punctuality & good work ethics (responsible, good track of work and deadline)
  • Strong opinionated, honest (often act as motivational drive when the issue/objective of the design is something I am strongly passionate & opinionated about)
  • Ability to generate interesting visuals & graphic in designing
  • Perceptive about other people’s need (friends, clients)
  • Planning, organisation and researched-based
  • Able to maintain democratic stand in team situations & delegate tasks efficiently to team members
  • Reliable
  • Interested in many different subjects, social and cultural, open-minded
  • Not limited to one skill only


  • Difficulty convey (abstract) thoughts in simple way that people can understand
  • Messy, doesn’t pay good attention to details
  • Often lack motivation to initiate something
  • Too concerned about what others think about myself
  • Not assertive enough
  • Lose interest very quickly regarding subjects / issues that I dislike
  • Too fixated on an ideal or point of view, until someone comes up with better alternative
  • Decisions that I make are limited to my financial abilities


  • Able to work in many different fields, versatile
  • Can exhibit logical and artistic strength at the same time
  • Engage audience through interesting design visuals
  • Overcome financial difficulties by coming up with more cost-effective & interesting solutions


  • Overshadowed by those who are more active & assertive
  • Limited to doing graphic work only
  • Not competitive enough in the modern design industry
  • Limited by financial-based decisions, the need to put money first over personal satisfaction