IDEAS IN CONTEXT / Presentation / Week 12-13





-Menu blackboard is a follow up from week 12

-Name card back-to-back revision from week 12

-Brochure paper material & packaging revision from week 12


ART DIRECTION / Final Review / Term 4, Week 12

Key Visual QC

  1. The mom & office lady visual is good. Looks natural & delivers the message well.
  2. Office man visual: environment looks ok (it can be at an office, or campus) but the man himself doesn’t look sporty enough.
  3. Light & cleaner background makes the text pop up more.
  4. Teacher image not natural / ideal enough.

Advertisement / Traditional Media QC

  1. Bus stop ad / elevator ad can be more interactive, it can give suggestions on simple exercises. Rather than just displaying the same image over and over again. If this is delivered creatively, it can be creative media as well.

Event QC

  1. Invitation can be more creative & relate it to the app more. Include more graphics / icons so that it is looks more fun.
  2. Be more unique with the event medias rather than just havng nice layout (same goes for the phone app)
  3. Invitation can be meshed with the brochure, containing introduction abt the brand identity & what the event is about, and the activities involved.

Creative Media QC

  1. Choose whether you want the phone app to be the product of the campaign, and come up with other creative media (maybe through the busstop ad / elevator ad) OR
  2. Make the phone app be the creative media, thus minimising the phone app elements on the key visual, making the campaign itself the sole selling point.lifexercise_event-04



Made the dude look more casual

Added icons to app


ART DIRECTION / Assignment Progress / Term 4, Week 11

Getting the message right through the visual


“Integrating exercise in the lifestyle busy people”

3 elements that need to be present in the visual:

  1. Busy
  2. Exercise
  3. Digital/App (Since the product/creative media is a health monitor & exercising application)



1. Metaphorical / surrealist morph of items

QC: Out of the 3 posters, only the blue one has the element which shows exercising & digital. It might have the ‘busy person’ element if the arm shows shirt cuff, but having all elements doesn’t mean that it’d be convincing.

2. Showing exercise while doing work

QC: 1st image: Too customised / 2nd image: doesn’t show the busy-ness

3. “Confessional” quotes from people who do exercise despite their busy lifestyle

Tone & manner: Straightforward, clean, bright, professional & smart

Moodboard / Visual Design Reference

Images used

Image Editing


(Need to add one more profession to the series  – perhaps a businessman)


IDEAS IN CONTEXT / Assignment Progress / Week 10 – 11

These two weeks we have been focusing on finalizing stuffs, developing logo & brochure content.

The color green was favored, but the coffee bean (O) needs to be colored in a shade similar to coffee because not everyone could directly get the idea of the letters O substituted by coffee bean.  I have been trying to make the shape of logo look more like a mug by playing with the placement & sizes of the letters (as well as extending the stem of the letter D), while Kelvin tried to develop it in a more experimental approach (it ended up looking too compact and doesn’t align with the brand image at all).


Feli and Kelvin have been working on making the 3D mockup of the packaging as well as interior layout & design of the cafe.

(References will be inserted)

The design & graphic elements will be applied on the packaging by me. As for now, I’ve been applying it in vectors of the packaging first.


After I finish developing the logo, I plan to develop some brand identity stuffs too (name card, receipt)

Flyer idea

-3d mockups
-Menu design
-Flyer & Brochure (content & design)
-Logo finalisation, logo gsm



Brochure & Flyer Idea A

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 6.12.52 PM.png

Brochure & Flyer (Merged) Idea B

Kelvin provided the idea & concept of making the brochure like an origami (incorporating japanese themes to live up to our japanese name). The brochure, which comes in an envelope fold doubles as a flyer (When it’s not folded).

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.10.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.26.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.42.01 PM.png

Packaging (3D model / photo edit done by Feli)


Interior done by Kelvin